A traded birthright - Commune Writers

Found always beneath the ground
As precious stones and rock, never to be found lying all around
Crude oil and gas? they are far beyond the reach of an ordinary man
To lay hold on them, you’ve got to be tough and ready to be a strong ‘handyman’

Nothing good comes easily they say
This is a true saying in a kind of way
And just as Rome is never built all in a day
So is whatsoever good not to be found just any way.

Man! the best of all Creatures
Better by far than other things from the hands of the Creator
Not just a being but one full of knowledge and capable of many innovations
Yet behaving as a nonentity even in the midst of abundances of information.

Good things are always kept safe and reserved
Beyond the reach of any man or the undeserved
But what do I see today in the name of Fashion?
A generation which has traded birthright all for a mansion
Hoping a day will come when the spell would be cast and we all see the result of our actions!

Written by Emmanuel Olù


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