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ACHIEVING SUCCESS THROUGH PASSION is a book to stimulate your thinking that you can become whatever you want to if you just focus on what you love. Passion is key to success. With it comes the enthusiasm to keep mastering the art of your work.

Have you ever thought of how you can become more successful doing what you love?
If yes, this book is exactly what you need to achieve your goals and climb the stairs of success.
If no, this book will make you take drastic actions on how to build a career around your passion.

With this book, Ajayi Olubiyi will make you discover
  • How to break out the habit of self-doubt
  • How to stick to something you love and build a career around it
  • How to become more confident in dealing with obscurity
  • How to key into God’s word claiming your possession.

Get started towards a passionate life and you will be surprised by how far you have gone achieving your dreams. This book is a landmark work that will simultaneously delight and illuminate you.

Included inside this book is:
  • The Author’s personal advice to all writers
  • List of books that have changed the Author’s life
  • The Author’s personal story on the journey to self-discovery. And lots more
RELEASED DATE: 18th October 2018
SITES AVAILABLE: Amazon, Smashwords, Lulu, Okada books, etc.
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