Acrimony of Love

I think I found a man
Cool, calm, witty yet lovely
One who my brain connected with without much ado
One I couldn’t literally let a day pass by without talking to.

Am I being a fool in love again?
Or am I just obsessed with the fact that I finally found someone who I can understand?
Is it just the tricks of time playing emotions on me?

I’m scared,
What if he turns out to be what I couldn’t have?
The man whose feelings still yearns for another but in the denial of it!

The beating of the last duru drum of yester years is yet to stop sounding
The ache of loving someone who loves someone else in the previous misfortune haven’t gone yet.

What happens to the poor heart of a lady whose only crime was to love but loved wrongly.
Is the case going to be like that of a once beaten, never shy?

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Written by Adegun Wuraola

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