I was told that a book cannot be
judged by its covers. It means that before saying anything over any book, read
it first, It is then you can leave your comment(s). This also applies to human
beings. You can’t judge a person simply by his/her look. Don’t get deceived by
faces. Never follow conventional saying that Mr. So-and-so is a nice person.
People tend to believe that he/she is a nice person because others are saying
fine things about him/her. Don’t sleep over this.

For the saying may be faulty
simply because people view he/she from the bend direction. Don’t believe that
the person, who greets you often with his/her head bowed is nice or humble.
Some are just naturally gifted in greeting people. What I’m saying in all is
that when it comes to dealing or choosing or keeping affairs with people, you
have to be wise. You know what you want and who you want to spend the rest of
your life with. Never take the popular belief on the person you want to choose
as a friend, partner and future spouse.
How will you know a worthy friend,
partner, spouse? To know this you have to know who you are. Yes! You must
understand yourself because hands wash each other before they go above and wash
the face. Know what you stand for. You are the right driver of your life. Besides
God and Parents, the next person that’s responsible for your life is YOU. Stand
for something as not to fall for anything. Not everybody that crosses your path
is true. Open your eyes wisely.
Whatever you pick logically as
your principle, stick to it. Whoever likes your way of governing your life will
truly stay with you. Don’t hurt yourself simply because you want to please
people. If you discover that he/she has nothing to contribute to your life, let
go of him/her.  Never beg for friendship.
Hold your territory and control your empire. Understanding your very self will
make you know a worthy friend or partner or spouse.
Let me remind you again ‘A man
that stands for nothing will fall for anything’.
Know your stand.

written by M’Awwal Abdul’Rasheed
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