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I love the fact that I love
Love to be with you, My Love
I remember the mar days
Days along the path of aisle

When we met at the pathway
Pathway of a lifelong union
Your picture pictures the picture
Picture of your charming smiling attention

I tried to measure the extent
Extent of your loving affection
To the hectic experimental quest
Quest quenched life out of my nose

Like the recipe from nature
Nature nurtures my aperture
Turning my black-land to green-land
Green-land of life and vigor
Vigor you brought to my life with facts and figure.

With all these achievements
I never thought of banishment
I thought the pathway was for a lifelong union
When all I see is our old-age family re-union
I never knew all these were illusions.

A Modified 2016/10/25 Article

Written by Marvelous Bello


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