What can i do without your smile
What can i do without your
effortless masculine tone?
You left shattering the memories
we built together,
Like it never existed.

Why do you leave like nothing ever
Why ignore the face you once adored?
Obviously you left without saying
Torn apart like a shredded paper,
Jilted like a piece of rag,
Took my love for foolishness.
It became clear i never existed in
your life,
Like a garlic in the midst of
So you proof that though i fit in,
i never belonged.
Tears flowing from my eyes like
that of a river,
Picking up the refreshing
untouched part of my heart,
Hoping to return to a normal
state, the complete heart.
For you left me broken like
shattered glass.
written by Adegun Wuraola