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O! Father Theresa

Thou had lived
To train thy sons
The mechanics of charity
And the quest for funds.
Quite an age
Thou kicked the royal bucket
To find a sinky bed
In the dust of riches.

O! Father Theresa

Many legs danced
At your demise
To watch us live on
Suffering and Smiling
For your deeds, we despise.

O! Father Theresa

Thou art, not a General
At war, but a General in theft
Thou is much greater than Robin Hood
For thou art stolen from the poor
To give back to the poor
Loots and interests of loots
In unending refunds
Like rain showers,
Till tomorrow, ye shall pour.

O! Father Theresa

To honor thy Majesty
The Oduduwa clan
Calls you Abiyamo
As you never hesitate
To heed to the cries
Of your children
At their needy time.

O! Father Theresa

The belongings of thy people
Turned thy Assets
Thou founded them a safe haven
At every guarded corner of the earth
Your highness never stole
Neither did you loot
Ye only do take to return
At the mercy of your people.

O! Father Theresa

Ye are as pious
As an archangel
Thou art only mortgaged
The collective future
Of thy people
To activate a luxurious
Life after death.
Thou maketh no small God
For thou art the God of heist.

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Written by Michael Adesiji


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