Often times,
people have the belief that those that work hard in life are the ones who made
it more. But they all forgot to remind themselves that sometimes smartness
outshines hard work and this is because the world only believes in the final
result and nothing more. Most people come from the lineage of “Go to school,
work hard, come out of institution, get a job”, and because of these most
people have really lost the essence of why they are in the higher institution. 

An Author quotes “Admission without a vision will lead to frustration
in the higher institution”. Coming into the institution environment is the best
opportunity life has offered most people, but a few actually  stood their ground and compromised not their
future to the saying of work hard, work hard, work hard to get good grades. 
higher institution is a place to really develop your abilities and influence
others through your God given talent. After the institution life, do not forget
to know that the outside world doesn’t really care about who you are anymore,
so why not take chances and explore yourself while you can.
Everyone has
limited time in school as long as he/she is being admitted. The school doesn’t
teach you how to become a successful person, schools are made to groom
employees and not become employers. Remember, much study wears you out than
anything you may think of. The truth is that each and every one is designed
with special potentials and the problem people make is trying to be like the other
 You all can’t get all the good grades together; you all possess
different level of intelligence. Some are gifted readers, you can’t copy that. Some
are gifted communicators, you can’t also copy that. Do not be among the crowd
that wonders how good things happen to people, good things happen to everyone.
If billions
of birds fly up in the sky, will they disturb or touch one another? It’s a NO.
Therefore, there is room for each and every one up at the top, a room so big
that you can’t disturb the next person close to you. 
Everyone is designed for
something great. Do not leave the institution environment without releasing
your potentials. Potentials are to be benefited by all and not for one. You can
never stop learning from reading; it’s a continuous process even till after
institution. Work smart enough don’t work too hard and stress yourself off.
written by Ajayi Olubiyi
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