In your arms;
   Where hope is found,
   And love is fond.
In your arms;
    Peace pats my back,
    Happiness leaps and barks.
In your arms;
    Freedom speaks in clarity,
    My soul feels the purity.
In your arms;
    Good tidings seduces my heart,
    Glamour exhilarates from my art.
In your arms;
    Lo! Beauties lingers,
    Far and wide with ringers.
In your arms;
    Serenity is retrieved,
    Like a trophy archived.
In your arms;
    My stupidities knows no bounds,
    It flaunts its existence like the pounds.
In your arms;
    I relinquish my utmost anger,
    No more vengeance fueled hunger.
In your arms;
    I cuddle like a baby,
    Snuggle like a lady.
In your arms;
    I rule all worlds,
    And write unforgettable words.
In your arms;
    The future is bright,
    And the present don’t fright.
In your arms;
    My life gained meaning,
    And my existence; a fruitful living.
by Tokede Daniel
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