For in life whatsoever you sow, you shall reap. For failure
comes with equal or greater benefits of success. The truth is that we do not
know that life revolves, what goes around comes around. For in life there are
things that can never be regained after being done; the words you speak after
being said, the time after it’s gone. 
For we all should come to understanding
that we should choose our words carefully because we are what we say, ones said
can never be taken aback. For some or most of the world’s population regret
this situation, for we should always live in consciousness of what is going on
in our life.
And when trouble comes, when trembling hunts, people think it’s
as a reward of God punishing them, but they forget to remind themselves that
it’s the consequences of the mischievous act they once did that caused this
misfit. For we all can live together in peace and harmony. All it takes is love. 
Most people regret the situation they are in now, for those who hasn’t been
through these misfits, its high time you left hypocrisy and violent devilish
act to your past and move forward with your neighbor because in one way or the
other, bad comes back to those who does bad either in words or in action.

written by Ajayi Olubiyi
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