My life craves for the affection of my heart, but I can’t
help deny the feelings growing inside of me. I do not know the fate of myself,
am lost and I can’t find myself. I remember telling myself countless times how
I feel we have something in common, but here I am lying vulnerably waiting to hear
you call my name.
 I do not know what is
happening to me, I see myself going back to the things I decide never to do. I find
myself loving that someone I once zipped my mind off. I feel something strange
is happening to me, I can’t think accurate without these thoughts eroding my
mind and then I start misleading myself. 
For who is hiding within me that am yet to find? For where is
thy living waters, I long to taste thy, I need my thirst to be quenched by thy
living water, I do not want to go back to my vomit, I long to have something
different but definitely not that.
For those who are being daunted and hurt by sin or evil, it’s
about time you quenched your thirst from the living water. It is over; it’s
time to move forward. Never settle for less. Take the bold action and DO IT
NOW. Aim high, you are better off than the willingness to submit to fate. Fight
the demon.

written by Ajayi Olubiyi
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