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Now we’ve erred from right
Turned to exile with rites
Classified as unworthy and defiled

Why make us go through hell?
Even if the whole world burn with fire
We will quench its dancing flames with love

Our love will surpass Pompeii
Ridicule the legendary Romeo and Juliet
And establish eternal warmth in all realms

In thousands of years to come
My arms will be your forever home
Our abode, overflowing with ecstasy

Soft kisses on your lips every morning
Touches that sways the heart
Warm breath all over your precious structure

My rest lies in your bosom
Everyday romance with amazing orgasms
Serenades of sincere emotions

Let’s cuddle and make babies
Forget the world and their crazies
For together, we create a safe haven

Wiggle your waist to my melodious notes
Played from the heart that writes
To a maiden of significant passion

Mesmerize me with your unending savor
Seduce my heart forevermore
Explore my world like an adventuress

A Modified 2016/08/23 Article

Written by Tokede Daniel


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