Overcoming The Powers Of Accusation

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Until the truth of a matter is brought to light, there won’t be a liberation of the light because a hidden truth is a hidden liberation. Overcoming The Powers Of Accusation reveals the secret exertions of the accuser of the brethren, who restlessly accuses the believers every now and then before God, with the aim of subjecting the brethren into living lives of ungodliness. It’s a Must Read…


In a land or generation where there is no vision, the people perish in ignorance. Therefore, I bring on your way an ancestral vision for generational liberation and revival, termed- “OVERCOMING THE POWERS OF ACCUSATION.

Hence, THE POWERS OF ACCUSATION is the magnetic force of confinement of the devil over one’s life in diverse deceptive ways. Don’t forget that “The serpent was craftier than any of the wild animals the Lord God made” (Gen. 3:1), Note also that every physical manifestation has its spiritual link-up, because, the spiritual rules the physical. To this effect, it, therefore, takes a restless violence spirit filled man to be resistance to the devil, and constant modification of the spirit man by the Holy Ghost to overcome a resistant devil.

This book is an inspiration of the Holy Ghost to open your eyes the more and empower you to overcome every powers of accusation of the enemy.

RELEASED DATE: 18th January 2019
SITES AVAILABLE: Commune Writers, Smashwords.

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