Wednesday, December 12, 2018
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Let’s critique our leaders,
Who deal with our futures.
To the antics of our killers,
Let’s find soothing sutures.
Nights watched in their stead,
Eyes sobbed till it bulged,
Million voices now indistinct,
But they’re not flinched an inch.

Mass scars in cold red sea.
Mass sepulcher like snows,
Mass climbing for ecstasy,
East west like a pendulum.
They lit their cigars,
Puffed the smokes on youths,
To blind them from the truth
And kill their vision with cancer.
Slaughtered able men with a grin,
Chained giants in irons and fetal.
Aimed and hired them for their
Blamed and fired them for their
Overemphasized respect,
As leverage to muzzle and subject.
Immunity to make them free
And continue wickedness in spree.
Roasted raging revolutionist,
Tortured touting talking toms,
Attacked ambient activist,
Severed silent stalkers.
Oppressing the opposition,
Suppressing the suspicion.
Objecting rebel’s observations.
Rendering their fights futile.
Spoils of the defiled land,
Remnants of the barren land,
In unison we lit their scarecrows,
Turning the badland to Greenland.
written by Odetokun Elijah


I could write a story;
A story of how i made it,
I could write a story;
A story of how i danced to the sound of the Bata.
I could write a story;
A story of how i survived my pain,
I could write a story;
A story of how the earth shook upon my existence.

I could write a story;
A story of how i smiled in pain
I could write a story;
A story of how the ocean flows in its mightiness.
I could write a story;
A story of how beautiful i became from sorrow
I could write a story;
A story of how the gold passed through the furnace
I could write a story;
A story of how after failure i passed
I could write a story;
Stories of how a river flows pass a barrier.
I could write a story;
A story of how abiku survived
I could write a story;
A story of how the sky shed tears.
I could write a story;
A story of how i became a warrior
I could write a story
A story of how oya became Sango’s favourite.
I could write a story;
A story of foolishness
I could write a story
A story of the tortoise and the other animals.
I could write a story;
A story of wisdom
I could write a story
A story of obatala.
Only if i could write a story;

I would write of a story of survival, patience, wisdom and how
fair life is.
by Adegun Wuraola


 Sleeping Giant

Calm as the dormant volcano
Capable of shifting the earth
Of tormenting the forest Iroko
Yet never launches an eruption.
Sleeping Giant
Thy footsteps could shake the
Thy fists could break the log
Thy roar could melt the sun
Yet thy slumber whirls the wind

Sleeping Giant
Thy raging storm could wipe the
Thy scream could slam the thunder
Thy laughter could stir the oceans
Yet thy suffer and slumber.
Sleeping Giant
While in slumber
Old books in ruin
Fake prophets lead thy temples
Old fools run states to ruin.
Sleeping Giant
Mute thy snore
Wake from thy slumber
Arise from thy nap
And take thy future by force.
Sleeping Giant
For if thy slumber upends
You’re as good
As the fragile little goose
Sleeping Giant, Dormant Youth.
written by Sheriff Olaitan


Let me tell you something you should never have heard from
me. Though you may think I do not know what am saying but the truth is all I
have got to tell you. Please forget those feelings that grew within me for you,
I guess I must have been so stupid to think that anything called love could
ever exist between the both of us.

I just got to understand now that all has been futile and I
am ready to let go of whatever has happened between the both of us. I wished we
could go higher than what we saw limiting us but all is in vain, I guess we go
our ways and stop acting like we are both in love. There is nothing that can
happen between us again; after-all I believed that trial you wished convinced
you that I am all capable.
For we both should act like we never stayed under the same
roof and keep our friendship or love-life like we never met. We both will find
our true love; there is no reason to rush. I know I might not have those words
big enough to woo you but believe me I will get better because our meeting was
for a lesson and not just a mistake. Drink up to those moments we shared
together for I have made up my mind none can ever happen again.

written by
Ajayi Olubiyi


No longer young.
But not getting it right.
Negativity is right
But positivity is very wrong.
Death makes us feel alive,
Life makes us feel dead
Air makes us drown,
Water makes us fly.

Unemployment employs us,
Famine feeds us.
Caskets transports us,
Insecurity secures us.
Nudity clothes us.
Clothes make us nude.
Cold warms us.
Heat freezes us.
We believe there’s gold
Only because we were told.
Speeches, a different thing,
Actions, another thing.
Let’s critique our leaders,
Who deal with our futures.
To the antics of our killers,
Let’s find soothing sutures.
written by Odetokun Elijah


Now I know,
How harsh people can be,
How low humans can stoop,
How dim being can see.

Now I know,
How protectors turned ejectors,
How friends turned strangers,
How zoned people can be.
Now I know,
How weird the world seem
For everything is like a film,
How they rub trash on you like cream.
The heart is ripped,
The cloth is unzipped,
Everything is cleared.
Now I know.
written by Sanusi Ameenah


Truth shrouded in mystery.
History rendered missing.
Yet we won’t give in,
For thence we’ll deduce the

Love gives, not only takes away,
It isn’t merely what we say.
Love isn’t just in a day,
But persists even in bad days.
Isn’t clear what and how Val did
But we know he died for a belief.
Is your love worth more than
Your life, would you willingly
Love simply is selflessness,
All it sees is just flawless,
All it gives isn’t only bracelets,
But protections just like amulets.
Happy Valentine’s Day
written by Oyetunji Iyanuoluwa


The exclusive mentality of ‘school
is our all in all solution to poverty’ is an illusion. I see many youths of our
nation waking to this reality. A whooping percentage of the undergraduate
population that stretched around the higher institutions in Nigeria have had it
beaten to their heads, the alarming and out of control rate of unemployment by
their graduate relatives. Unemployment is a worldwide ailment; developed
nations in both Europe and America are no exclusion. The question now is what
is the cause of this ailing situation that drapes all around the world and
seems to have little or no regard for our said intellectuality? The answer is
school, yes school.

School is an institution that is
inseparable from development of a nation and of an individual. It has trained
and turned ordinary people to skilled personnel in varieties of discipline
right from the development of nations around the world, turning our world to a
civilized environment. These amongst many were the help school has granted the
world through education since her inception.
Bringing the lens on education to
its modern day culture and Nigeria as a more microcosm of the rest of the
world. From history, there really was a time when once educated, the welfare of
the people for the rest of their working days is settled by salaries, and
pensions were the cushion for the rest of their old days. But the world has
evolved more than enough times than the cushions the school offer. For example;
In April 2012, one of the nations that the world esteem – America; 50% of her graduating
class did not find job, out of the 50 that found job, a certain were
underemployed. Needless to say the percentage of the yearly graduating class in
Nigeria that did not find job.
This is the untold truth that either
school doesn’t realize, or too scared to lose its relevancy to the new reality.
The world’s sophistication has outweighed the clause; “go to school to get a
high paying job.” The world no longer runs on the span of needing large man
power to do its daily operations. For example; Technology is more down to earth
than ever, that virtually the know-how of anything can be provided by simply
typing it on ‘Google’. Why study computer science, working sorts of unfruitful
mathematics, when professional computer courses are available online, with
videos. Why be an accountant, expecting a high pay after school when it’s
possible to hire accountants in a lower-wage country, and serve my firm online.
Why talk about job security when advance technology makes jobs obsolete. The
truth is, although school prepares, but for a world not in existence anymore.
I want to use this time to
introduce to you the NEW-WORLD-ORDER. Here, either you’re a graduate or
drop-out it doesn’t matter, either you’re at the top of your class or the ‘C’
student, either you know mathematics – algebra or how to find an ‘X’ or either
you don’t, you’re all welcomed here. For in-here, we thrive on creativeness –
what your thoughts can birth rather than what was birthed decades ago, what
your hands can do, either to add values or create value bonds. In-here buying a
house is not an asset, your car became a liability the day you buy its first
fuel – you can argue it, but it doesn’t matter. Here, you make it happen
yourself. It is the entrepreneur world.
The world runs on the fulcrum of
money, but the school will not teach you anything about money. Why not get
FINANCIAL EDUCATION, and place your ‘then’ in your hands from ‘now’, for
without it; the future is weak.
written by Alao Ibrahim


How we wish to fly over time. How we wish it takes only a
moment and not a dime.
All that we have inside of us are beautiful pictures.
Pictures of how we wish to be in the soon coming years.
That we can’t wait until everything inside of us comes to
reality. Though it will take time, we know and that is why we still ask.
When will the time come? It’s all like we are carrying our
future inside our stomach.

We are pregnant of tomorrow. We can’t wait to put to bed.
Travelling all around the world, it takes just a moment.
Being a man or woman, I mean the one we always decided to be.
How been in engagement with people, making impacts. No
happier feeling than that.
To us all, we don’t care about the cruel world, we all want to
leave a mark; a blueprint.
Because what drives us towards our future is thinking about
how our past was and correcting it, for we are all tired of the situation we
find ourselves.
We all want to move. Being with the best spouse, I mean that
family of our choice.
Going on tours and moving all around with kisses on the
cheeks. That’s what drives us to pray every time.
We all want to be happy. Nobody wants to live a mediocre
life, all wants to be wealthy.
All want to be called blessed, no one ever want to become
We see that future ahead of us and smile. No utterance of
hate. We wouldn’t even quarrel with anyone.
To build nations, put smiles on our parents face and everyone
around us.
This is the happiest of all joy. We all want to leave the
position where we are to that place.
That place filled with dreams. That’s the main reason we
smile every time.
For we should always work hard till when expensive becomes
That’s the only way we can succeed. The only way we can make
that mark we were destined to make. 
written by Ajayi Olubiyi


Alienated not amalgamated,

Fractions not family.
Unified not united.
Brood not brothers,
Sinister not sisters,
Fiends not friends,
Hostile not hospitable,
Antagonist not amorist.
Living like African walnut.

Stubborn southerners,
Naughty northerners,
Wolfs in the west.
North terrorizes,
South militates,
West wills them on.
War up north,
War down south,
West watches on.
Focused on secession,
But hit by recession,
Very nigh to depression.
Signing peace treaties,
Suicide memo in disguise.
More bods and blood to the ground.
How good and pleasant
Would it be? To see
The united tribes of Nigeria.
written by Odetokun Elijah