Thursday, November 15, 2018
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Thoughts about Love is interesting
Experiences are inestimable
Lessons are very sweet
My hearts continually awaits you
When it was broken

The time it was healed
But yet I still wait for your love
My shadows might be fading
My mind been perturbed by your
broken words
Yet I won’t be discouraged
Your love has made me feel like an
inferior In a solitude prison
With white hair after so many
Though I tarry, but when you’re
Please stay and don’t go.

written by Adebowale Adedamola


It’s indeed true that a person with wisdom will rule the
world. I have come to the understanding that wisdom is profitable and it’s the
most valuable gift a person can receive from God. As always said that the
complexity of life lies in its simplicity, that’s how it’s so difficult to
compare between how a person should become to what will become of a person.

I believe we all have a vital role to play in this life and
therefore will need the knowledge of wisdom to understand every bit of life.
You have got to do what is meant to be done and overlook what shouldn’t be
meant of now. For the world is looking for that person who will rise up in the
morning and carry on the vision of yesterday and believe In it, the world is
searching vigorously for that person with an unwavering mindset. You can be
this person, all it takes is tuning yourself to the believe that you can be
that great person you always see yourself as.
The truth is that if you can change your thinking, you will
begin to change your world even if you are starting small, you are gradually
gaining grounds and the sky will only testify to your good works and grant you
a space up there.

written by
Ajayi Olubiyi


They say many were called,
But few were chosen,
But I wish I wasn’t chosen,
For I was culled not called.
No glimpse of hope,
Cause they’ve gum up the works.
Everyday a new dirty scope,
Bursting forth like fireworks.

Don’t try to give us hope,
Cause there’s none.
Even when you’re gone,
Your children will grope.
Building future for their children,
Tying knots and becoming in-laws.
Against our survival; they give laws,
For their continuity; they turn kindred’s.
Heroes of the past at their deaths
Regretted and wished they never fought.
Their deaths were brutal,
Rendering their sacrifices futile.
There’s a hope for the future,
And the future is in our hands,
But we’re in their hands,
Ever ready to crush us and the future.
I believe in Nigeria,
If we only have a chance,
But all we’ve got is a glance,
Leaving us to die with euphoria.

by Odetokun Elijah


Packed from the top of emotions,
As toppings on a vanilla ice
Hearts involved in a truth or dare
Such a cruel game takes the fare.
I remain the love in a closed box,
The purity in iniquities,
A path in the narrow lonely world.
A thorn in love.

It’s faulty to believe it’s real,
That true love exist in
That peace can be dashed out free,
That life will always give you a
I love you from the very depth of
my heart,
Only you could see me as a hero,
And also as a villain ready to
I became your “sweet enemy”.
Fondling the patches of a skeptical
Mending the holes created by
What more is there to true love?
That I’ve been sidelined for
written by Tokede Daniel


I have a beautiful pen but
Nothing to write with it.
I have a beautiful heart
But pains seem to precede it.
I called it a beautiful year
But sickness has been leading on.

I want that beautiful home
But can’t figure how to get that
I want that beautiful love but I
Have traded it for something else.
I want that beautiful friend to
I can run to and be free to talk
I want that beautiful joy, so that
I can effortlessly smile all day.
I want that beautiful hand that
Pats me to comfort when I’m down.
I want that beautiful eyes that’ll
Look at me generously and calm.
I need that beautiful mouth
Smile at me in assurance that all
is well.
I’d like those beautiful words
that brings
Comfort and peace to the heart.
I want that beautiful life that
Not be stress free but free of
How do you define beauty, when you
are full and satisfied?
Can I ever have it all beautiful?
Or how else do I explain life?

written by Olusanya Rebecca


Those we thought are our
Their action have turned them to
Their station is the society’s
The road is their main workshop,
And they pretend holy like an
While our pocket produce them crop.

We thought police is our friend,
The nation; our mother.
And the government, our father.
But with them, corruption moves
Have they forgotten that without
the ruled,
There is no ruler?
Our protectors are our enemy,
They are just infamy,
With the expressway as our
And our journeys raise fewer
In a nation that cherish
Bribery is the right order of the
If there could be thorough
Most will receive the pay,
They are just like blocks mounted
on our ways.
Corresponding to the pillar of
Mapo hills,
Our home is the only free way,
Only if we don’t die of bills.
written by Sanusi Ameenah


In the stars of the night
In the stillness of the universe,
In the daylight of the sun,
In the gentle tides of the ocean;

In the roaring sails of the seas,
In the rocking boat of the sea,
In the fresh breath of the gentle
In the beauty of the deep sky
In the shower of the rain
In the squeaky sound of the squirrel
In the whistle of the breeze
In the creation of all what God
In all this have found the peace
of my soul,
The stillness in the conflicting
battling of my deep scars,
The healing of a battled trouble
written by Adegun Wuraola


I’m a man,

Formed from the dust of the earth.
Placed in the midst of God’s heart
To be a companion and a friend.
I’m a man,
Brewed in royalty,
Destined to demonstrate His majesty
In the face of adversity
And advent cruelty.

I’m a man,
The glory of a woman.
A god on earth,
Declaring the sovereignty of the God in heaven.
I’m a man,
Given a head to be the head,
Given hands to provide the bread,
Given a mouth to teach the creator’s creed
And legs to take the lead.
I’m man,
God wants me to rule,
My partner desire my love,
My children want me to guide
And my society wants me to govern.
I’m a man,
Not a higher monkey;
Because I am born to rule,
Destined to dominate,
Fashioned to impact
And created to recreate.
by Orebanwo Adewale


Distance seems to break a
But not two magnetic hearts
Though we may seem not to cover
the shadow
But rather not being with you
I will cry an ocean and build a
So I can forever rest on your
And you cuddle me with your warm
tender arms.

When I was born
I found my rib missing
All through the years
I keep searching
Searched the thick forest and was
arrested by wild animals
Searched the lakes and was
arrested by mermaid
Little do I know I was not meant
to go far
But faith keeps pushing me
Not until I met you
I found my ribs complete.
Ribs of two souls make a hero love
No love of any lady
Living upon the endless rug
Defines love like yours
It shows me the path to hope
On it I hold, be at rest
I shall shower you with love
No man has showered a lady with
Over the beginning of the
Have met thousand multiplied by
zero like you
Just so you know
Have experienced the sweetness of
Just from no other but you
I’m sank already
Yet I don’t want to come out of it
I want to fall over and over for
For you alone possess humble heart
For me have same
My love is beautiful with yours
I can’t imagine life without you
For we are destined lovers
Till doomsday we remain that.
written by M’Awwal Abdul’Rasheed


I will tell you the story of my life before the love of my
sight comes around
Come sit around me you all, let me say it quietly
I am fast growing old and you know it; I would tell you what
you need to know
For the first time we saw decided it all at once
She will soon be here, just relax and continue listening
She ignites my world at night and cools my starving thirst

After those years of waiting, I finally could get someone
She is of the person you would always pray to have by your
For if you lay not to someone like her, its high time you
decide something quickly
Even when everything was tough, when I couldn’t talk anymore
like I am now
She was always on the phone trying to get to me looking for
my whereabouts
For sooner you would meet her and congratulate me
I am saying this, for this is the first love I would rather
For I would rather cast my belongings away to have her
It will be such a shame not to introduce you all to her
For if I continue to wait here, anxiety might take the breath
out of me
Here she comes, let me bring her in, my world and my all.
For if you find someone like her, never let it go.

written by
Ajayi Olubiyi