Friday, February 15, 2019
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Just let me be that person I always wanted to be who would
think without taking chances of the outcome results.
Just let me stay with you without any reason of backing off.
Just let me grow and soar as high as I want without thinking
twice. Though you may seem it’s quite difficult 
for me to birth these feelings
I am contending within me.

Just let me act according to what I wish with no thought in
Just let me become weirder than I can imagine even if that’s
not what I think of myself at the moment.
Just let me love whoever I want and hate whosoever deserves
Just let me be myself with no-worries bothering about
Just let me be that person you often wish of having though it
may be tough but you can just give me this chance.
Just let me keep quiet for as long as I want and let me speak
whenever I want to.
Just let me be with that one right person I always wanted and
you will see how gentle and calm I will become.
Just let me control my thoughts, control what I do, control
what I deserve from anyone and I will be good to anyone.
Just let me influence my world, impact my friends, love my
life and chase my dream, that’s all I ever wanted.

written by
Ajayi Olubiyi


See me smile; Suck me dry
Pull my legs; Push my laps
Soul to soul; Pole to hole
Pint of pain; Spine in vain.
Toll fare; free tear
Bond to blood; Pound of flood
Seizures to torture;
At the feet of pleasure for

Dumb minds; dull kinds
Seal of valleys; oath of hills
Fall to cure; all to explore.
Shackles and bangles, hang to
Follow the boot; hail the ‘boobs’
Poke the packs; Zip the pus
Read on; feed on the feed,
Shoot the norm; Shoot the fun.
Male stays to till you
Female waits to flog you
You and me; long for all
It’s nothing but the loot of love.
Lustful love results in bountiful
flaws that can chase destinies to eternal dust
written by Abolaji Abraham


If I knew I was only going to pull
down a bag of trouble on my small head, I wouldn’t have approached Mr. General.
I tell you, you too will be forced to advance towards him if you see the way he
carries his legs majestically. Many different stars is rested on his shoulder.
Being my first time of seeing him, I was impressed and promised myself that one
day I would emulate him.
Other soldiers? I didn’t know
their minds but I think they had been seeing Mr. General before. The place was
very crowded but I managed to reach him. He stood like a statue as I maintained
my posture perfectly and obediently before him.

‘Sire, how did you do it?’ It was
He couldn’t comprehend what I
meant, so I expatiated.
‘You have many stars on your
shoulder. What is the secret that propelled you to the position of General?’
He improvised a mockery that sent
me into shame.
‘You want to know?’ He asked.
I answered him with a yes. He left
me on the spot and disappeared into his office. Five minutes later I saw him
with a cup in his hand, coming down to where I was. He reached out the cup
towards me and I collected it. The cup was very full with water. 
‘Now go to the training ground
with the cup. Go round the field 30 times with the cup in your hand and a drop
of water must not touch the ground.’
Hearing this, my eyes bulged out
of its socket. Sudden coldness descended on me. I must not talk again. The rule
says ‘obey first and then complain’.
But how would I do this without
letting a drop of water touch the ground? In fact, Mr. General had commanded
the most ruthless soldiers among us to get me shot, if I allow a drop of water
to touch the soil. It then occurred to me that ‘he, who exposes sugar, invites
ants’. Abruptly, I summoned courage and headed to the training pitch. Only two
options left for me-die or live.
The game switched on. The
Spectators were chanting. I didn’t allow their chants to distract me. My eyes
were glued to the cup in my right hand. These spectators were counting my
steps. They made me realize that I have turned the field 15 times. My right
hand was somehow shaking by now, so my left hand resumed duty. I was doing it
with determination.
25 times, I said to myself. My
left hand was shaking by this time. A drop of water must not touch the ground or
else these callous soldiers will shoot me to death, I thought. Finally, I made
it. Exactly 30 times. No drop of water on the ground. My fans were shouting.
They were very happy for me.
‘Congratulations’ it was Mr.
We shook hands.
Later in the evening, he called
for me. He said he had questions to ask me as I appeared before him.
‘When you were on the field with
the cup, did you notice other soldiers that were playing football other side?’
I said ‘no’
‘Were you aware of those ladies
that were walking on the road side with half dresses that expose half part of
their breasts?’
‘No, I wasn’t. Sire’
‘Did you know what I was doing
while you were on the field?’
I answered him with capital NO.
‘Can you tell me why your answers for the questions is no?’ ‘It’s because I had
focus and I didn’t allow distraction from others’
‘That’s what they call life.’ Mr.
General said this and rose to his feet.
‘Anybody that want to make it in
life must be focused, know what you want and make sure you work towards its
achievement every day. Never allow distraction to pollute your focus. For it is
our immediate enemy. You can find it everywhere-homes, schools, offices,
societies etc.’ He paused, resting on the table.
I was getting motivated.
‘Part of the ways to avoid
distraction…’ he continued ‘is by doing what is important to your life. Doing
the right thing at the right time is the best, even if the whole world is
against it. Never be concerned about what people will say about you. If you do,
you will regret it.’
He moved closer to me and grasped
my shoulder and said: ‘My brother, if you want to have many stars on your
shoulder, you have to be determined and focused. Never embrace distraction even
for a second because it’s your open enemy that will not allow you to achieve
your aims’.
written by M’Awwal Abdul’Rasheed


On a lifeless bridge
I strode on reminiscing
About life, the past and present.
How decisions became nightmares
How love became hatred
All still eludes me, like man’s

Education is my thing
The grades beg to disagree
Perhaps, I haven’t found my thing
I got lost once a road
Which leads to self-discovery
Still, I’m still searching for my
true being.
I remember the creamy girl
Dark and shiny skin like diamonds,
But her heart was dim and stone
I remember home
The tranquility and its ease
It’s time to go home, where I’ll
be embraced without judgments.
written by Olayiwola Afolabi


 She calls out to me like a
searching diva,

Telling me about her wonderful
From her ocean of emotions that
flows into the river,
And how every male around her
hopped and hurled.


By night, she flaunts her smile
and flips her hair,
Covering up her naughtiness with a
sizzling shrug,
Expressing every feelings like the
gushing air,
And her little dot of dimples that
works like a drug.
She gazes at me with the loot of
To take away my soul in a gypsy
Tie me to the bosom of her heart
She promised to make round me a
I think she likes me from the
depth of her heart,
And by the virtue of my erotic
written by Tokede Danniel


You were as I am,
Tended in tenderness,
Remembering the past,
Holding on to the last.
You were as I am,
Leading a carefree life,
Walking a careful path,
Stumbling at every cart block.

You were as I am,
Ordered by all,
Bothered by none,
Loved by one.
You were as I am,
Gripped by fear,
Girded by flair,
Rounded by spears.
You were as I am,
Great in thoughts,
Creative in action,
Active in silence.
You were as I am,
Glamorous in beauty,
Clamoured in love,
Armoured in gloves.
You were as I am,
Heavy in heart,
Levied on earth,
Revised in art.
You were as I am,
Speech in silence
Thoughtful in solitude,
Apologetic in right.
You were as I am,
Inspiring my words,
Penning my thoughts,
Acting my acts.
You were as I am,
Created by virtue,
Moulded in love,
Reformed in chastity.
You were as I am,
Breaking bonds,
Creating normality in abnormalities,
Spurring inner power to success.
You were as I am,
Creating a future,
Making a rupture,
Living my nature.
You were as I am,
Loving in disguise,
Daring to dear,
Caring for my heartfelt.
by Elisha Daniel


What is success? Money, you are
wrong! Good car, wrong again! Okay, a beautiful mansion, you are not right!
Don’t be surprised, we live in the
part of world where people judge your success by the amount of money you have,
types of car you ride and varieties of clothes you put on.

Success is not synonymous with
money. Success is having what money can buy and what money can’t buy. Money is
not an end, it’s a means. According to Sam Adeyemi, he said, “Success is
who you are, success is all about you, it is your ability to maintain a balance
in all spheres of your life.
Success can also be a fulfillment
of purpose. Success emanates in clothes of challenges or problems.
Henry Kaiser said “Problems
are only opportunities in work clothes”. If you run away from challenges,
you are running from becoming a success. Someone once said “when duty
comes knocking at your gate, welcome him in, for if you bid him wait, he will
depart only to come once more and bring seven other duties to your door”. By
all means, welcome challenges
It seems challenges and life is
inseparable. Success is challenges turned inside out. Every challenge contains
within itself the seeds if its own solution. If there are no challenges, there
will be no victory; the problem is how people respond to it. Most times, you
can’t control what comes your way but you can control how you react to them.
The great people are those that
turned their challenges to success. Martin Luther king said, “The ultimate
measure of a man is not where he stands in moment of comfort and convenience,
but where he stands at times of challenges and controversy”
Step out of your comfort zones now
and face the challenges.
written by Sanusi Ameenah


Let’s critique our leaders,
Who deal with our futures.
To the antics of our killers,
Let’s find soothing sutures.
Nights watched in their stead,
Eyes sobbed till it bulged,
Million voices now indistinct,
But they’re not flinched an inch.

Mass scars in cold red sea.
Mass sepulcher like snows,
Mass climbing for ecstasy,
East west like a pendulum.
They lit their cigars,
Puffed the smokes on youths,
To blind them from the truth
And kill their vision with cancer.
Slaughtered able men with a grin,
Chained giants in irons and fetal.
Aimed and hired them for their
Blamed and fired them for their
Overemphasized respect,
As leverage to muzzle and subject.
Immunity to make them free
And continue wickedness in spree.
Roasted raging revolutionist,
Tortured touting talking toms,
Attacked ambient activist,
Severed silent stalkers.
Oppressing the opposition,
Suppressing the suspicion.
Objecting rebel’s observations.
Rendering their fights futile.
Spoils of the defiled land,
Remnants of the barren land,
In unison we lit their scarecrows,
Turning the badland to Greenland.
written by Odetokun Elijah


I could write a story;
A story of how i made it,
I could write a story;
A story of how i danced to the sound of the Bata.
I could write a story;
A story of how i survived my pain,
I could write a story;
A story of how the earth shook upon my existence.

I could write a story;
A story of how i smiled in pain
I could write a story;
A story of how the ocean flows in its mightiness.
I could write a story;
A story of how beautiful i became from sorrow
I could write a story;
A story of how the gold passed through the furnace
I could write a story;
A story of how after failure i passed
I could write a story;
Stories of how a river flows pass a barrier.
I could write a story;
A story of how abiku survived
I could write a story;
A story of how the sky shed tears.
I could write a story;
A story of how i became a warrior
I could write a story
A story of how oya became Sango’s favourite.
I could write a story;
A story of foolishness
I could write a story
A story of the tortoise and the other animals.
I could write a story;
A story of wisdom
I could write a story
A story of obatala.
Only if i could write a story;

I would write of a story of survival, patience, wisdom and how
fair life is.
by Adegun Wuraola


 Sleeping Giant

Calm as the dormant volcano
Capable of shifting the earth
Of tormenting the forest Iroko
Yet never launches an eruption.
Sleeping Giant
Thy footsteps could shake the
Thy fists could break the log
Thy roar could melt the sun
Yet thy slumber whirls the wind

Sleeping Giant
Thy raging storm could wipe the
Thy scream could slam the thunder
Thy laughter could stir the oceans
Yet thy suffer and slumber.
Sleeping Giant
While in slumber
Old books in ruin
Fake prophets lead thy temples
Old fools run states to ruin.
Sleeping Giant
Mute thy snore
Wake from thy slumber
Arise from thy nap
And take thy future by force.
Sleeping Giant
For if thy slumber upends
You’re as good
As the fragile little goose
Sleeping Giant, Dormant Youth.
written by Sheriff Olaitan