Thursday, November 15, 2018
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You came to me in a white robe,
Took me to an island filled with
Gave me reasons to live in love.
Honoured my life with your
You’re everything I’ve ever wished
The iceberg of joy together with
its tip,
An epitome of sincere reflections
of beauty.
Happiness you bestowed upon me.

Though I raged like a hyena,
Croaked like thousands of hungry
Mumbling gibberish almost every
You ignored and kept on teaching
You inspired almost all of my
Wetting my quill with love-ink,
And I inscribed you in my lonely
Yet! I gave you no credit in
To you, I write this piece,
My little way of munching
To the very best of 2016,
Truly, you deserved better.
written by Tokede Daniel


I’m a woman,
Born for a purpose
And a task to fulfill.
I may be fragile but I’m agile;
Always active and never tired.
I’m a woman,
I have a dream to ream;
Yes a home, I have to build,
With chores alongside,
Yet my visions still breathes,
Because I choose to stay alive.

I’m a woman,
One with virtue.
My soft nature was designed
To build and not destroy;
I squeeze out the best
From the worst,
Liberating love to all around.
I’m a woman,
I’m unique;
Not to be compared
To a man.
He may be better
But not without the “WO”,
Just as I am with it.
I am perfect being me.
Allow me to soar,
I have a distance to cover.
Let me breathe,
I have a life to live.
Take not my dreams away,
I have a mission to fulfill.
For I am a Woman
And not a Woe-man.
by Allen Temitope


If i were to think like someone else
I would have no pity on the needy
Thinking when they were meant to be sitting
At the feet of their job, they were busy sleeping
Just like the lazy man,
I would have said; there is lion in the street,
Of which the same David plucked his teeth.
If i were to think like someone else
I would have been a flirt,
Running after the skirt,
And not the salvation of the heart.

I would have defiled myself
With the meat of the chest
And the milk of the breast.
If i were to think like someone else
Tit would have gone for tat, and
Spit would have been the answer to cheat.
If I were to think like someone else,
My words; would have been like a spell,
Wearing a shell upon men, and
Suffering many; the torment of hell.
If I were to think like someone else,
In the name of prosperity,
I will nail simplicity and integrity,
And grin before men; with prudence of pretense.
I would say to my soul, eat and merry,
Care not about tomorrow; or those in sorrow,
For always, life would be good in absence of the odd.
If I were to think like someone else,
My heart would have been a grave of grudges,
Feeding on envy and stretching the hands of slavery,
Conscience would have been dead, with no signal of red.
The feet and palms would have gone molten
Expanding into baked spines and spikes
Exhibiting hospitality, without an iota of sanity.
If I were to think like someone else
Maybe, I would pay homage to the clergy,
And see no image, of those in poverty,
Saying to myself, I embrace charity.
If I were to think like someone else
I would spray money into thin air,
All for the sake of fake fame,
In spite of making a good name.
If I were to think like someone else,
I will hold grace responsible for my fouls,
And seek only miracle in the terbanacle.
Praising God not for who he is, but for what i want.
If I were to be someone else,
I will joke up my neighbor, till he falls in horror,
Smoten the transgressors, of which once I was guilty,
Rather than catching the dog, with the meaty bone.
But Just because am me,
I choose to be the fuel to burning life’s
Because my presence is someone’s past
And my past; definitely is someone’s presence.
by Abolaji Abraham



To rule,
To lead,
To be great.
But chose;
To serve,
To save,
To die.
Birth like every other,
Fate like every other.
Life unlike every other,
Death unlike every other.
Living for the life of others,
Life lies in the hand of others.
Such is the life of a gallant soldier.

Victory comes only from God,
That is supposed to be their motto.
But not when there’s an unseen god,
That stirs the rotor and drives the motor.
Superiors are their unknown enemies,
Brutalised by the known enemies
And left for dead.
Fights on home and foreign soils,
Overused and underpaid.
Sent to hostile environments,
Where every battle is likely to be the last.
Sold out by their superiors,
By betraying them in ulterior,
Left to chase pavements.
Sleeping with thoughts of death,
Waking to steady thrums of stealth,
Clanking of guns and bangs of grenade.
Walking through thorny bushes,
Falling into mines, traps and ambushes.
Injuries and death on the runway,
But they’re never a runaway.
Their punishment is grave, ’cause they’re expected to be brave.
Voicing their displeasure,
Ganging up against an oppressor
Enough to warrant a death sentence.
They’re expected to be like nomads
Who in every situation are not cowards.
Forgotten after death in the battlefield,
Neglected after serving their fatherland,
Loved ones compelled to forget them.
Death is very certain,
Survival very uncertain.
Each battle with death in mind,
Each moment with Lethe in mind.
They fight tooth and nail,
They fight come hell or high water.
They fight when they;
Talk and walk,
Sleep and worship,
Pray and chase prey,
Wine and dine.
In spite of all;
NO is never an answer,
I QUIT is never their song,
They persevere for long,
They don’t want to be a loser.
They were not born to die,
But it’s what they chose to do.
by Odetokun Elijah


For he is annoyed within himself knowing not the cause
All day long, his heart has not been cool with him
What might be happening to him, we ask
Maybe he is looking for a special spot for a forever love
Waiting patiently for that person who would right his wrong
The keeper of his heart, in thee he waits for

Like he is drunk, empty words fill his mouth
Like deep tears staying up in his eyelids
He can’t wait to explode his heart desires, he is waiting
He is like drafting out jargons from his empty self
Let enough, what must be going on inside of him
He is restless within, his folks are nowhere to behold
He is lost, help him find himself, he is thus; still waiting
For if his dreams would answer to his deeds
It would be for his lover to find him immediately
For he can’t wait to offload all within him
Even if he is just speaking gibberish because of his
sorrowful moment.
Asleep he falls.

written by
Ajayi Olubiyi


I was told that a book cannot be
judged by its covers. It means that before saying anything over any book, read
it first, It is then you can leave your comment(s). This also applies to human
beings. You can’t judge a person simply by his/her look. Don’t get deceived by
faces. Never follow conventional saying that Mr. So-and-so is a nice person.
People tend to believe that he/she is a nice person because others are saying
fine things about him/her. Don’t sleep over this.

For the saying may be faulty
simply because people view he/she from the bend direction. Don’t believe that
the person, who greets you often with his/her head bowed is nice or humble.
Some are just naturally gifted in greeting people. What I’m saying in all is
that when it comes to dealing or choosing or keeping affairs with people, you
have to be wise. You know what you want and who you want to spend the rest of
your life with. Never take the popular belief on the person you want to choose
as a friend, partner and future spouse.
How will you know a worthy friend,
partner, spouse? To know this you have to know who you are. Yes! You must
understand yourself because hands wash each other before they go above and wash
the face. Know what you stand for. You are the right driver of your life. Besides
God and Parents, the next person that’s responsible for your life is YOU. Stand
for something as not to fall for anything. Not everybody that crosses your path
is true. Open your eyes wisely.
Whatever you pick logically as
your principle, stick to it. Whoever likes your way of governing your life will
truly stay with you. Don’t hurt yourself simply because you want to please
people. If you discover that he/she has nothing to contribute to your life, let
go of him/her.  Never beg for friendship.
Hold your territory and control your empire. Understanding your very self will
make you know a worthy friend or partner or spouse.
Let me remind you again ‘A man
that stands for nothing will fall for anything’.
Know your stand.

written by M’Awwal Abdul’Rasheed



Food, Cloth, Shelter,
The basic needs of Man.
These they failed to cater,
Leaving us to dwell in ban.
Tell me, is this what we deserve?
They call us leaders of tomorrow,
Yet, grey hairs handle the realm of affairs,
Making the youths wait in sorrow,
For the time they will grow grey hairs.
Tell me, is there hope for tomorrow?

After the struggle for admission,
Poverty still cause many untimely passing out,
Leaving few to taste convocation,
While others became touts.
Tell me, do they make education our right?
They call employment opportunities our right,
Yet, we suffer from unemployment.
Millions of youth run to betting sites,
Why? Because they lost hope in government.
Tell me, is employment still our right?
Constitution provides right to security,
Yet, home of peace bombed into pieces,
Avengers wage war in southern ethnicity,
Making our soldiers unlucky trade pieces.
Tell me, do they make security our right?
They said we have freedom of speech,
But the aftermath wasn’t guaranteed.
We cry in high pitch,
Still they don’t listen.
Tell me, do we still need to talk?
On paper, we have right to peaceful protest,
But here comes our friends in black,
Changing protest to racing Contest,
Run for your life or your sight go dark.
Tell me, do we still have right to this?
Poor electricity, Bad road,
No water supply.
The blueprint is very bold,
Yet we foolishly comply.
Tell me, is good social amenities still our right?
They travel overseas for treatment,
And stocked us with inferior drugs,
Health sector lack proper equipment’s,
Imagine a sick bed with bugs.
Tell me; is this our medical Service right?
After all this, I came with a conclusion,
Nothing is right here, meaning we have no right,
What we have on paper is mere confusion,
Which has metamorphosed to great myths.
by Akinola Samson


We live in a world;
A world lives in us.
The world births challenges;
Challenges birth the world.
Like a ram led to its slaughter,
Like a mother nursing her
Life wills for us to decide our
Feed the fear or feed the faith.

The ants make wealth in the
How much we who are a lot firmer?
The badgers build their tents on a
How much we who are more cut out
for work?
The locusts march uniformly in
How much we with leadership in our
The spiders set up their base in
How much we with our sight on the
These are not words uttered in
Neither are they inklings with no
Because you serve the Jehovah El
Surely, the obstinate powers of
Hell shall die.
Be you in the East, West, South or
Wherever you are, whatever you do,
Just grow in the faith and fear
For greater is He that is in you.
written by Samuel Ikeobi


Descendants of Cain,
Swans across the country,
In search of green meadows.
Shepherds culminating with their
Ganging up and spoiling
A nightmare to fields.
Foxes, big foxes,
That spoils the vines in blossom,
Making monkey out of it.

With rifles and swords in their
Shedding bloods of their victims,
Cruelty called security.
And the beautiful maiden called
green pasture
Trampled upon by meowing cows
Not their sound but the
Looking onto drizzly skies
As tears gush down its clouds
Happiness runs down the shepherd’s
Mounting the greener pastures of
the western cities
Drooling on forages planted within
Fulani herdsmen from the hovering
Beating their flurry fellow flocks
That grazes on the plantations of
With disregard to the farming
Descendants of Oduduwa,
Like cattle, flocked around the
In search of greener pastures.
Farmers ploughing the soil,
Ganging up and building
Weaving a food basket for the
Hunters in search of games.
Loaded with charms and amulets.
Out in the wild, they earn a
With rifles and swords in their
Shedding bloods of their prey.
And the biggest catch wins the

by Odetokun Elijah


Let me tell a tale;
It’s that of a monkey with an
injured tail.
As I watch him climb the farm
So many times he tries but still
he fails.
And so there comes a group of the
They were all females but he was
the only male.
They help him up the tree and dance
around him,
And as a new King, he has to be

The monkey becomes the jungle
He becomes obsessed with power as;
He commands them louder to sing.
He jumps around like birds with
And so I call him lord of the
He ruled for a long time as he
The females entertained him and
made his dish,
His favorites were the Cat and
Tilapia fish
They bowed before him and called
him “lordship”
He reigned for a long time until
there came;
Some men with bulldozers and
The men had to cut those trees to
earn money and settle their debtors,
And the others to make new
And once again he lost his might
and power,
Nobody was willing to help for he
was a traitor.

written by Kosemani Mariam