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Like Paul said “I find myself doing what am not supposed to but the things I do not want to do, that I find myself doing” That’s the fate of every Writer. We writers share the same feeling of guilt whenever we aren’t doing what is meant of us to do.

Yet we find pleasure procrastinating the day words are meant to be pen down to times when the chance no longer exists. Yes, I believe in big dreams but what does that mean to a group of people who thinks in the wrong direction. For I’m a product of penniless thought with a lot of words only hidden within me.

Before you tag me no writer, I accept the fact that I haven’t been staying on track but that does not mean I still don’t have my eyes got on purpose. Yes, we live in a world full of noise with each person seamlessly waiting for the right time to reach its peak. But all are like a mist, soon they disappear. A Writer will always be one who out of all noise in the world quietly speak to its heart saying ‘what about your dream’.

No matter how difficult situations may prove themselves to be, a mind full of real purpose will always have its way back and act accordingly. Because there is no percentage of pleasure out there that won’t be full of void as long as that passion and purpose isn’t met.

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Just in few minutes I saw everything happen
Where you signaled to me straight from your heart how you felt
And made me see the reasons why it’s all gone
I couldn’t but help myself up when I read this all over your face.

Yes, I felt empty inside of me while sleeping
Because I wasn’t expecting to hear you say such
And I couldn’t help trace down the whole scene
Right from the moment I took my bath to falling asleep

Probably I could trace it down to that Sunday afternoon I saw you with him
Yes, you saw me and didn’t acknowledge my presence
I called and asked what was wrong
Instead your reaction told me everything I was always wanted to hear.

And then I asked that question
That almost made me cry.
That who was he
And yes, you told me it was him.

I asked what about me
You signed off your looks.
I’m done with you, I heard you say that
It is him now and nothing more.

I woke up few minutes later
Thinking of how much I need you
And wouldn’t have you stay in my life again.
Oh, what a nightmare!

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A writer with over 250 written articles published worldwide. A social media manager and Engineer. A person of impact. Read more



Blind Date

A writer is a person who writes, you know that from the onset. But what happens when writing doesn’t take its natural cause in the life of a writer? A person who calls himself a writer isn’t better than a prisoner because both of them are inmates of their own thoughts and action.

What do you call a writer who lives his life and still live another person’s own through imagination? Who do you call a better writer, one who takes pleasure in writing? Yes, it is but a writer who doesn’t practice what he preaches is called what?

We get too bored about life that we do not do the things expected of us and why is this so. Maybe because there is no much success to commensurate with the already prepared hard-work. What makes a writer’s life beautiful is when he offers himself freely to the person that cherish his heart. Writing unlike other profession is quite different because affection and love has to be mixed together to get a better personality of the writer.

The truth is, being a writer is tiring and frustrating. You have to think beyond the reasoning of others and judge fairly after weighing between the several choices laid before you which will give one a better perspective about the world at large.
A writer is still a prisoner unless the right motivation is revealed before him which could help him drive what is inside of him outside on paper.

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A writer with over 250 written articles published worldwide. A social media manager and Engineer. A person of impact. Read more



Letter to Myself

Hello beautiful, I see you’re doing well with your new age, you’re a year older and at a very critical stage of life, I hope you’ll be able to handle all the pressure and challenges that may come with it? I hope you’ll never give up on yourself no matter what. Mistakes are allowed and bound to happen but hope you learnt from it in your previous years?

I hope you’ve finally come to terms to take people for who they are, I hope you’ll never feel hurt or betrayed by people’s action? You know everyone just can’t be like you, I hope you free your inner spirit and mind to learn more from life. I hope your sensitivity won’t make you withdraw any longer from the world. I hope you find peace within yourself and quit fighting yourself on what can’t be avoided.

It’s a new beginning into your mid-late twenties and I pray God grant you the strength to walk through each stage with grace. You’re a warrior, warriors doesn’t give up. Never give up on life, learn to let things go, never hold unto things that aren’t meant to be and won’t be. Learn to have a free spirit as free as a bird, discover and bring out that awesomeness and playfulness in you.

Continue to have pride in you, never let people’s words and opinion get to you. Live your life for yourself and never for anyone. You’re stronger than who you think you are, you’re appreciated, you’re beautiful. Just let the beauty of your soul out and shine!

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Written by Adegun Wuraola



My encounter with death

When life become too hard to live in and people becomes too difficult to cope with, when all the sweetness of life becomes sour and taste bitter; people seek for protection from the kind spirit of death.

My sons, I know you all have enjoyed the tales of how heaven and earth come into existence and I told you a lot of mysteries about the seas, cloud, moon, stars and how the hot and blazing sun tormented earth. I told you about birth of thunders and lightening, and that of fleshly humans and the love that existed between the heaven and earth. I also told you about the destruction of the world. My humble sons, hold all my words dearly to your heart and eat not with them, they may be little like mustard seed but they will surely grow tall and becomes nest of wisdom where people come for comfort.

Take a seat and do tend your ears to the words of my mouth. Tonight, I will tell you all about my personal encounter with the spirit of death. Like you all know, death is perceived to be something unpleasant to humans; death is seen to be evil and devilish, and death is perceived to be cruel to human’s existence. But little ones, death is not as evil as you may think, death is kind and indeed a great being to be revered, and on the other way round, death has his own shortcomings too – death might have betrayed us, but life had lied to us.

We still have a lot of miles to cover. I may be blind and quite old, but my inner eyes are sharp and clear like that of a new born baby. I remember just like yesterday, the day death came visiting me, I thought my time was up but I was wrong. Death is such a mysterious being; a dwarf, mighty and dreadful with a horn on his forehead. He was putting on a black garment, dark in complexion and was holding a very thick and long stick. On this old rickety chair I sat; I was totally ready for him, for I know I can’t stop him whenever he is ready to do his job, and no amount of plead will have him moved; I didn’t mop the floor with my grey hair but I begged for his favor that I may entertain him before he execute his mission. He smiled and took a seat. It was really a great privilege given to a mortal being like me and I offered him some kola-nuts, bitter-cola and a gourd of palm wine, he ate and drank to his fill.

He felt so happy with me. I asked if he needed more or want a plate of bush meat. But he shook his head and told me I was the first human on earth to have showed him kind gesture and will surely repay my kindness. I thought he would only do that by removing my name from the book he was holding, but I was equally wrong. He told me he didn’t come to take away my life, but to reveal to me some golden secrets that no human on earth know about or will ever be revealed. But for the fact that I treated him well, he gave me the golden opportunity that I should look into the book of death. And as I opened the sacred book, to my greatest surprise, I saw the greatest mystery that no one either dead or alive has ever seen.

My little sons, I know you are eager to hear from me what was written inside the book, I will tell you, but let me first reveal what death told me. I never till this very moment knew the reason why death gave me the golden opportunity to hear and listen to mysteries about his existence, and I never knew why he revealed to me his true self but he told me, I am of wisdom and knowledge greater than I can ever imagined.

Death said; “Humans are the most divine creatures the creator has ever made and life is the best gift man can ever receive but do humans even treasure the life bestowed upon them?”
I nodded my head as he spoke, for he speaks with great authority.

“Men are known to always shift their blames on something else; men engaged in different wrong doings but will never be ready to take the responsibility for their deeds. When humans consider life not to be so fair enough, they poison their body, smoke and take illicit drugs, rituals and engage in some other things that defy the body and still expect to live long and when they die untimely, they shift the blame on me” he paused and watched me re-adjusted in my position.
Death must have been reading my thought all along; I can clearly read the crooked smile on his lips.

“My existence is so mysterious that even with the great wisdom bestowed upon you; you can’t still know a percent except the ones I reveal to you. I will liken mortal man to a fool who put a pot on a fire to cook, and after the food was done, he took the pot off the fire with his bare hands and along the line, his hands got burnt and eventually died from the wound sustained. Tell me; will you blame death for easing his pain or blame him for his own foolishness?”

I didn’t know if to answer the question or not, but he continued.
“Humans are not satisfied with life, with what they have, and they don’t know how precious those things are until they finally lose them. Instead of building a mansion with the stone life cast at them, they will rather have the stones thrown into the sea and still blame life not to be so fair enough, and as a result they commit suicide and still blame death for taking their life… Or what do you see to a human killing his fellow humans for ritual purposes or what of someone that jumps from bed to bed and as a result died of incurable diseases or what do you see to a drunk and reckless driver who drives on the wrong side of the road and had an accident and a result he and all the passengers died; tell me, should I am truly to be blamed for his recklessness?” he paused and I shook my head in reply and his next word got me thinking, “I am death, I don’t have the power to save life and I don’t have the power to kill either”

He sounded more like a confession.
“Look at me; I am only a peddler who paddles the spirits of humans through the dark sea into the life beyond where they will be judged according to their deeds. Look at this stick…” he said showing me the thick stick he was holding “…it is not meant to snuff life out of humans but to transport their souls to the world beyond when worms and vultures feeds upon their carcasses” he looked quite pitiful “Take this book and have a look” he stretched the book he was holding towards me.

I took the book from him and opened. To my utmost dismay, nothing was written inside the book.
“Don’t be so surprise, I have nothing hidden inside the book you are holding, it’s all empty the way you see it. Though, the book has been with me before the creation of the world but nothing has been written inside since the very day it was handed over to me. I don’t take glory in the lifeless state of man, I hate pains and agony, that has been the only reason always come for human’s rescue but what do they give me in return? – blame”

He sounded quite sad and remorseful.
“Man felt tired of life and took poison, it took effect and he groaned in pain, I then came to his rescue and eases his pain and save him from his foolishness. Judge me in the entirety of your wisdom; did you consider that to be evil?”
I couldn’t talk; all I could do is to watch him speak.

“Poet, this is my own story. I need to go back to my duty now; millions of souls are already waiting for me at the shore but…” he paused as he stood up on his feet “Life will be good to both me and man only if humans could value what they have” he said and disappeared.

to be continued…

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Written by Agele Ayo



I have observed something’s and circumstances under the sun that man ought not be proud nor look down on the other. I have seen the rich friend who seemed promising from the onset but was dawned later by life. I have also seen poor and broke folks who had nothing from the beginning but could actually showoff tangible things achieved later on in life.

Life is but a yardstick caught up in fire; sooner or later, it will all burn out. I have also observed through all my years of tithing that one who does never lack and not a penny will the person not be able to account for. Life is but a stone thrown to the air with the eyes closed, you might not know where the stone is landing and who it might hit. For such is life. The fact that no one truly understands life itself is but a true saying to me.

At first; it seems like everything is right, but then it seems all is falling behind. Living life as though it’s all for the pleasure is such a fateful way of thinking, imagine those strange things which happened to folks overnight.

That’s the reason why one should keep the head low, observe a lot, think twice, smile little, save much, work hard and in everything find purpose in whatever is being done because without that; life will be meaningless. These sayings can only be understood by those of like minds.


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In a large room yet feeling closed up as though a small room,
Hearing the sound of just my heartbeat,
Feeling as though the spirit withdraws in its own shell.

The heart forlorn in its own magnitude,
Happy but yet sad,
Tears lurking behind the smiling face,
Reaching for the unknown.

I’ve been bleeding right through the skin,
Surrounded by love yet in the captivity of loneliness,
I want to be free again, but the past keeps reaching.

I’ve tried everything to forget this feeling,
Maybe I need healing, but then I may never heal.
The beats of the bata and gangan drums makes no impact to my legs anymore.

I’m just locked away in my own space
Where nothing makes sense any longer.

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Written by Adegun Wuraola



Momma's love

Every time I close my eyes
I see a picture of you
I see traits of you in me
I see traits of a super strong wonder woman.

That every step you take leaves a good
Clear footprint where my legs fit in.
From every step you took has never being a tinge of mistake,
You were always on point.

Even when things go wrong, you sit and pray
You analyze instead of shedding tears,
Not even a single tear drops from that
Your sweet pretty soul eyes in times of trial.

They say no matter how strong you are, you will cry
Yes, but you did in the dark
Where no one sees your weakness.

You did in your heart
Where no one can determine your weariness.
She’s not just strong,
But super-super strong wonder WOMAN.

I intend taking every inch of your step
It’s a privilege to have you as my MOTHER.

Written by Bankole Oluwapelumi



Curiosity in Feminism

Here are two kinds of a lady. Lady A; who would ask nothing from you concerning her finance or upkeep though unstable. Who you will find hard to reckon with just to ask anything. Who would tell you everything is all right. I have plenty to make do with, settle yourself and trust me I will be just fine.

And the other lady B; who would say nothing to you but her expression speaks of everything. The one who would look you straight in the face and tell you I will be fine but waiting for you to ask how she would. The one who will get hurt quite easily if you do not perform the work expected of you. Not that she needed it but it’s demanded of her to request of your competency.

Two kinds of lady operating in this one sphere of life. Think deeply you reader if you are a male. Which would you go for and which would you want to spend everything for? For the female reader; which would you love to become? Which would you have gone for and spend the rest of your life with if you were the opposite gender?

The uncommon application of common sense is what’s demanded here. Curiosity begins with you and I. But if you dare find that lady which completes you; NEVER LET HER GO. DO ANYTHING.

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A writer with over 250 written articles published worldwide. A social media manager and Engineer. A person of impact. Read more





People write books but all I’ve got to write
Is the few pages of my heart.

It’s tremendous, going from this lowly moment to heights of hope,
Singing the lovely praises of love yet singing how heartbroken it is.

Wandering like it’s lost in the desert yet calm as the still lake,
Crying yet telling the face to smile.

Longing to have that warmly hug of affection still it’s cold as a stone,
Yelling at his own stubbornness yet loving his meekness.

My heart isn’t just a book to be read
But its content are fuller than an encyclopedia.

If I should write about the few pages of my heart,
Even the earth will stand with awe!


Written by Adegun Wuraola