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How can life be so unfair?
Making the rich richer; the poor poorer,
Love been misused
Love not been returned back.

How can strange things happen unexpectedly?
The blind playing the musical instrument-
Perfectly well while the one with
Both eyes knowing nothing.

How can love be so funny?
The loved not getting adored back,
The right loving the wrong,
A person yearning for love yet never getting loved
The one with the heart of stone getting all the love.

How can man’s destiny be so played out by fate?
The literate never getting a job
The illiterate with all the job opportunities.

A woman being battered by the man she adores,
An orphan with no love,
An orphan will all the love one can ask for
A child with parents who lived as though an orphan.

Who, born in the flesh can understand
The mysteries happening underneath the sky?

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Written by Adegun Wuraola


Witches and Wishes

Your heart throbs heavily
In desperation for happiness.
Yet, joy eludes your essence.

You are always on the lookout
For a life beyond your reach.
But forgot to keep yours within reach.

Always traveling to another land,
Making memories between time and space.
But some days, you get lost in it.

You cling to feelings
Like a witch to her broom.
Only to fly and fall, fly and fall.

Your heart compounds
Your worries without your knowledge.
You lost the race to the Promised Land.

In despair, you’ve lived.
Always in the grasp of doubt,
Your soul continues to take shelter.

Your wishes are no more.
Your hope has dwindled
And your soul bewitched by vanity.

Away into thick silence
Is your soul arrested.
Your absence is far soothing than your presence.


Written by Tokede Daniel

He is a writer of poetry and inspirational quotes which by every means necessary has evolved his environs into a more profound intellectual society. His simplified words and yet cogent messages in his poetry distinguished him from other poets. He is the writer of Parting Roses. His pen name is “solution_cares”.

You can contact him at




The bandwagon that never seizes to be a support,
A large heart that accommodates one’s flaws,
The tide that sways back and forth like that of an ocean,
Assurance of a lifetime.

The wave sweeping through one’s life as though an ocean,
The life of the party of an existence,
The one who never gives up on life,
The sound beat of one’s happiness.

Fire smoking through the pipe of my existence,
Banter in the trip of life,
Igi Leyin Ogba aye mi (The pillar of my life),
The trigger of anger, yet the extinguisher of it,

The fury fire in the ocean of life,
The water in the desert of life,
The soldiers marking my territory,
The strong tower that can never be shaken.

Unity is the watchword,
Loyalty is the mission,
Faithful is the vision,
Sacrificing is the flower adorning the neck.

Defending my honor in times of adversity,
They’re my home,
My unfailing care,
My strength.

Shelter of love,
Shield from attack,
The close entity pulling all the nerves in me together,
The packed cells closely knit together.

Clones I have in the game of life,
The closeness, the estrangement,
The love, trust, loyalty, faithfulness,
All this I find in FAMILY!

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Written by Adegun Wuraola



Power of Relevance

When you are not heard,
It means you have not been speaking.
When you are not seen,
It means you have not been showing up.

When you are not needed,
It means you have not been helping.
Where you are not loved,
It means you have not been worthy.

God places you where you would be relevant.
You are where you are because you can be relevant.
You will not have been sent to your geographical location
If you did not have the capacity to be relevant in that location,
Which is why it is called your “sphere of influence.”

It is a sphere you can influence,
So if you are not influencing that sphere,
You are the problem.

A person who doesn’t bring light
To a place constitutes to the heat in the darkness,
Therefore, invariably making it less bearable, or “darker.”

Find ways to be relevant.
Find ways to stay relevant.
Dig up your talent.
Take charge.

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Written by Okunsanya Abiola



The world of Men

Welcome to my world
Welcome to the world of men
Men who know not to be just
Men who think nothing of trust
Welcome to the world of odds.

A place where we celebrate the wrong
Where corruption is our song
And only the rich belong.
Here, we castigate transparency
Only to support barbarity.

Welcome to the world of irregularities
Welcome to the world of flaws
Where we think nothing of the law.
Here, every act is of cruelty
And we’re ruled by inequality.

It is a world of partiality
Filled with all absurdity
But amidst all abnormalities
There is at least one reality
With God alone, is impartiality.

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Written by Iyiola Oluwabunmi



The poem she will never read

To the little
Thoughts of you,
I cling on.

To the hope
Of your coming back,
I cling to.

By the beautiful words
We spoke to each other,
I wait on.

Though I know
Your past had me already,
I still walk towards your fading shadow.

Though your heart
Butchered my love,
I still yearn for it more.

Though your thoughts
Have me no more in them.
In mine, you are still fixed.

I know your day
And mine may never meet again
But I hope our nights will.

I know I am no more
The one your heart desires but
I hope you wouldn’t erase my existence.

It is true that I’m still hurting
And that words can’t express my anguish.
Yet, your eyes would never read this.

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Written by Tokede Daniel

He is a writer of poetry and inspirational quotes which by every means necessary has evolved his environs into a more profound intellectual society. His simplified words and yet cogent messages in his poetry distinguished him from other poets. He is the writer of Parting Roses. His pen name is “solution_cares”.

You can contact him at



The journey of a thousand miles

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Everybody believes that Rome wasn’t built in a day, I know you believe that too. But we all forget to remember that a part of it was built in one day. I have come to full understanding the journey which lies before an Entrepreneur, that is; one who wants to make it at all cost and all I can say is “it’s worth it”

The journey to being an entrepreneur is not an easy one as most idle people see it as something cheap. But with persistence and consistency sets the journey on an easy foot. The truth is, people, see a great man today as a mere piece of luck. They forget that frustration, insult, depression, hunger, heartbreak are ingredients to becoming one. Of course, I also believe luck is attached to success but that is about 3% of the whole time.

Hard work itself is the main ingredient to being a successful person. People wouldn’t see the midnight candles burnt on writing a business proposal, the sleepless night, fragile heart nor lonely mind. I come to terms with myself that there are times when an entrepreneur won’t even eat nor drink just to see its business bloom. It’s so easy for people to judge something good as mere easy and a piece of luck.

My verdict- Entrepreneurs are the future of tomorrow. They strive so hard to create a good environment to accommodate the large mass. They search inwardly the things people want rather than what they need and then create a business around it. They give up from the noise of this world just to connect you with the real world. Do you believe your government can single-handedly create an enabling environment for you?

Stop being a setback to entrepreneurs, their job isn’t easy. But if you think it is, then try to pursue and nurture a career from scratch. I give you just eight months. Respect those who work hard to make this world a better place.

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A Prolific & Multi-talented Writer who has written hundreds of articles published worldwide. He is a Google certified Online-Marketing Professional, Growth hacker, Editor, Content developer, and Engineer. Read more



You are Enough

You are enough right now.
Gifts, skills, and talents are special things.
The more we use it, the more they develop.

Stop hiding under the canopy
Of not having enough or not being enough
Or not knowing enough to do something.

There is something you know
That others do not know but need to know.
Come out and speak up.

There is something you can do
That will benefit a multitude.
Come out and do it.

There is something you have
That somebody out there needs!
Come out and give it.

Yes, you need to grow and you need to develop,
Yes you need to know more and have more,
But how can you have more,
How can you know more,
If you do not spread out?

How can you develop your skill and knowledge
If you do not work them out?

There’s an old, proverbial saying,
“Whatever you want, give it first.”

No matter how bad you want something,
Somebody is badly in need of one thing-
You have in abundance.

As we go through today, bring that thing out!
Have it in mind;
“Right now, I am just enough for somebody!”

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Written by Okunsanya Abiola



Difference in you

There’s enough mediocrity
Existing on earth already!
The same mundane people
Doing the same regular, ordinary and average things.

There are a lot of people
Selling clothes and shoes!
So many other people in the marketplace
Doing the same going out and coming forth!

You would be a waste
If you just go and join the queue of people
Searching for success.
Do your thing with a difference!

Sell your business with dignity,
Integrity, trustworthiness, and excellence.
Sing to inspire!
Write to make alive!

Cook with cleanliness
And a touch of wonder!
Relate with your own special kind of love!
Operate by a different set of rules!

There is nothing you are doing
Or will do that one has not done before!
What will differentiate you
Is the difference you introduce!

Be the difference the world needs in whatever you do!


Written by Okunsanya Abiola




Take these words
And shove them
Down your gut.

This very bit
Of trash will
One day overflow.

For you repay kindness
With hurt and love
With severe hostility.

Pleasures from peace
Was his mandate
Towards your soul.

His hands were
Always full of
Grace and generosity.

But all you saw
Were flaws within
Your hideous cracks.

Potion of trash
Filled with all
Aberrations to humanity.

Your life, your rules.
His life, his choices.
“This is the deadline”, he said.

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Written by Tokede Daniel