Thursday, July 2, 2020
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My shoulders kept
high, my neck like that of a Giraffe
I never for once want to look at my feet
All i ever want to do was look ahead.
The moment i leave my “small me“, i know i am standing tall.

I never want to be anyone else, but me.
Where is me? I never asked myself until now
Me has to come out, the world needs me.
Where is me? Again i asked.

I am coming out of the shell,
It’s time to see the light, to be exposed.
I need not the darkness anymore
My image is ready to cast a great shadow on the world
Even when my femur is short, i can see far, as sitting On a tree

My shoulders are broad, my head held up high to the ceiling,
It is nothing short of “on top of the world”.
The inner me is visible to the world,
It’s high time i had started ruling
I have become the King of not just my area, but the Universe
Bringing myself to the top.

written by
Oparinde Samuel


Brown day in this lawn
Flavour of stress in distress
Shining armor of cutlasses and hoes
Stipules of every fine dry soil
Matching on farmers en soldiers
Whispering to the seeds of purpose
Turn by turn the order of wetting
Firm and through against all trough
Howdy! Gracious planters
Speaking fervently to vegetation
Moulding the future of a coming generation
Hence! Committing to commitment
Hearts field with running waters
Sunken beds made out of flowing faith
A combination of truancy to reality
Working well within wells
Thump thump thump prudent farmers
Displaying desire through despair
For avenue only available is diverted
Towards an overfed establishment
Tis’ crying land hardened
Bloody managers ululating
Budgeting ransoms to innocent future entrepreneurs
All to shrink the desires of all
Woe to thee that discards FPY
Shame art thou that disregards agriculture
Wrath upon them who thinks it’s a piece of cake
Peace to all who took the labour with success
Batches clamouring for help
Oppressors in the face of authority
Treatments of slaves given to kings and queens
Farming like peasant in-place of descents
Apocalypse of living in institutions
To be concise without implementations
Providential with respect to limitations
An absurd reality of third world nations
Roaming the streets of strangers
An explorer of blatant wilderness
Eating honey and locust bean
Derailed atmosphere in shadows of learning
Hey! Masters of divinations
Proposing clusters of nonsense to generations
Whose aim is only to detour students manifestations
With nothing but hatred towards potential FARMERS.
written by Tokede Daniel


Where can we actually start from, from whence can we say that
all these came from? For there is something in us that tells us something isn’t
right, for there is something within us that tells us we are not worshippers
enough. For we are bothered thoroughly within us and we can’t help ourselves
but to give thanks and worship the one who made everything in life a light to
For today is the beginning of another chapter in our life,
how do we value every of our moment, for there is only one life to live and
it’s a brief one. How do we want to give account on the way we lived our life? How
do we want to face the maker of all that we couldn’t worship and do his works
while on earth? For the secret of blessings is thanksgiving. How many of us
devote moments to worship God?
For this life is vanity, there is nothing we brought into
this world that we would take back when we die, so let’s use the few moments of
life we have left and use it judiciously well exploring and establishing what
our creator has bestowed unto us. For either in the opening or closing stage of
our life, gratitude unto God our creator is necessary.
written by Ajayi Olubiyi


You were cold, I remember, I stood the test of time, I became
everything you wished I could become, I showered you with lot of loves, there
was nothing inside of you that I didn’t feel, for I knew I was into you and
nothing could take away that warmth feelings towards you.
Yea, we promised to be of help to one another when needed, we
felt we were going to make good friends. For the first time we met, it felt as
if we were meant to stay with each other. For everything within me was wanting
all of you, all I needed was time to tell how I feel, it was sooner I decided
to let you know.
But all of a sudden, I became hot and troubled, cold and
disturbed. I needed warmth, I needed someone to hold me and tell me those words
that will keep me back on track, only to find out that you couldn’t stay with
me when things were uneasy, for you made me know the true you just because you
felt am not being so caring enough. You bothered not to ask what’s wrong with
me, for I knew how much you needed someone when I showed up.
For life is full of cookies that crumble, breakups out of
mistrust. I never felt I could lose so much hope in just a little time. For one
cannot hide from the light, one’s true self is always shown no matter what.
 written by Ajayi Olubiyi


In life, there are some people whom you never forget for
their meritorious service of help when you were nothing. They say, ‘life is
tough’, we all agree but a few would not, for all fingers are not the same. But
there exist a few people whom are meant to help someone reach up, but where do
they reside? For we toil around to look out to them, but nowhere to be seen.
In life, trust no one because even your shadow leaves you
when you are in the dark. Why do we still think and reason this way, for we are
mortal people who live inside a body made from dust.
For we will always remember those who forgot us when we were
nothing, It’s when you are most in an unacceptable condition that you should
focus to see the light, it’s in time like this that you should develop yourself
and keep a smiling face. For its not easy to attain a great height, obstacles
will arise, problems will visit but that’s when you should know that your
success is imminent. For failure comes with equal or greater benefits of
Trust God and do all you can to achieve your dreams. Other
successful people did, indeed we can too. For when we get there, never forget
those who stayed with you all through aiding and assisting you make your dreams
come through.
written by Ajayi Olubiyi


Only the patient can enjoy the most of life. Life, they say
is not linear, its full of misfits, but still only those who are keen on
achieving something waits and therefore receive the reward of the waiting. No
one man, you can find out anywhere who dreamt big and saw himself there
We should know that with bigger dreams, come longer waiting
hours. For nothing worthwhile in life ever happened in a rush. Information is
all around us, books are there to read, just to guide us on the quest of
establishing something great. The only virtue which we all can imbibe into our
system to dream big is patience, for it comes with greater and greater
Do what you love, love what you do, do not complain about
your current stance. Just apply patience. For so many have been promised by God
for great things, but only a few live to see that dream. Like daily manner, we
should seek patience; we should be too in depth with these than to forsake it.
Remember this and let this sink within us over and over again
that “Nothing good and worthwhile comes in a rush”. Apply patience in anything
you find yourself doing.
written by Ajayi Olubiyi


Kudos to that all-round effective
Acting as both the head &
Standing as the pillar of the
His elongated absence causing
The father with a daze
Elegant with an appealing feature
The one with a beautiful heart
Radiation of authority compassed
round him.
The one occupying the post of our
first love
Impacting God’s commandment and
Will in us
Ensuring we have a high moral
And inculcating a sense of
responsibility in us.
The one who robs himself of sleep
All in the bid to pray for the
To ensure they attain the
greatness stairs
And have their potentials
Developing the attitude of rising
In preparation to provide bread
Guiding the home and guarding the
Taking the whole responsibility
A pretender can be said to be his
other name
Outward appearance contrasting his
Raging on the outside but loving
His aggressive nature only being a
At the sight of him, siblings and
i quiver
Taking to his instructions after
declining others
Rightly trusting in all his
Solemn fatherly advice like none
The man whose descriptions fit
into these;
Deserves an overwhelming applause
After being approved of God and
Lots of reward from the

by Onakoya Rebecca



Close your eyes and experience heaven, experience the
weather, the atmosphere, touch the magical trees, feel the animals that fly on
air, feel and touch the ones in the water and on land, think of your hubby,
your spouse, think of the one you desired to have here on earth but was
unfortunate and you see the person right beside you in heaven and you walk up
to the person introducing yourself.
Experience life without stress, experience chats with King David,
Solomon and other men of valor in the ancient books. Experience your family
members, your friends and even your enemy’s right here on earth but has now
being converted. Experience light where there is no darkness.
Let’s all put on the armor of God and be a soldier of Christ.
When we pursue salvation, eternity, other things will work out for us here on
earth. Our life’s on earth is like a burning candle, let’s make good use of our
time today accounting for each day. Speak to people and try your possible best
to be on good terms with them. Thank God for the gift of life and His grace
upon my life.
Let’s all remember, one way or the other, we will all die,
let’s make good use of our time now that we are in charge of it. Time is life,
and life is time. Let’s judiciously make use of every of our time effectively.
written by Ajayi Olubiyi


On the path to greatness
With rodeos of weakness
A tryst with scavengers
Joggling the dough of losers
Madness elevating sanity in the west
Strangers die from everything including bites
Passion belated through fights
All alone to express plights
Scorn to human rights
On the heart that writes
Boom! Boom! Boom! The blaring bass
Swinging moods of every tall grass
A dance with the lass
Though some refuses to wiggle the ass
Yet bang legs on the brass
Faultless fortitude to future’s clash
Where all gather around the burning ash
Mending pains of an aftermath’s bash
A whirlwind that takes out the trash
Leaving memories of a contagious rash
Pellets given to the feint hearted
Old young ill treated
Truth or dare created
Firm hopes of ice melted
Romeo’s of Julie’s jilted
Virtue destroyed by greed
Pride infested into creed
Rigmaroling through a burning reed
A dame in a distressed deed
What a dreadful established series of yield

written by Tokede Daniel


For we were all born that unique day, that day that seemed everything’s
right. And we grew to the stage where we could differentiate between things,
and not long after that, we are what we are now. For when we were born we hardly
knew we were born into this sinful world, we knew never about how we begot from
dust and unto dust we will return in due time. 
For we never grew to the stage
when we thought there was nothing called death only for us to find out that
peers and friends could actually go separate ways never to be seen again In
this world. Now we know the level of people’s value, we know that life
should be lived with happy memories and not with regrets. 
For how long could we
decide not to be taken away by this unnoticed creature? , But only for us to
dine and be involved wholeheartedly with our life. For the same person we saw
the previous day isn’t going to be seen again. For we all should come to
reality of life and be ready to challenge whatever comes our way.

For this thing that takes people away isn’t so small that we
could just neglect, we should come back from space to earth and do the works
expected of us till the dusk of dust dawns.

written by Ajayi Olubiyi