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Not until
the moment I saw you again, I thought everything had fallen apart, but only to
my surprise that your affection still sprung up in my deepest mind. For I
thought nothing could ever transpire between the both of us, but I couldn’t
help deny my feelings when I still saw you.

 Though you were not as appealing as I left you,
but you have become that exciting person I never thought you could grow into.
For am confused within me and I wonder why we are not always like these when we
are apart from each other. Besides, I still saw that love for me inside your
eyes and I couldn’t help myself but ask for a gesticulating kiss from you. I think
I made a wrong choice but thankful you resisted my plight. Shortly afterwards
we wouldn’t get to see ourselves for a while again and everything will get back
to normal. 
For the both
of us are not meant for one another to be in love, and I think not seeing one
another will profit us far more than this. Let’s keep these burning desire as
friendship for one another and never let what is not meant to be come to stay.
For we both still needs each other more importantly than being in love desire
with one-another.
written by Ajayi Olubiyi


It was the
first Monday of the new session. Everyone was on the normal hurly-burly routine
of getting its registration done. Everyone looks attractive today, I guess a
lot of people really enjoyed their holiday, look at this guy of last semester,
see how fat he is now, so people can get to change, so life could turn around
for some people, this is really astonishing. 
Richard and Andre both chuckled in
the most populous hall of the university. I don’t think we are having any
lectures today; those lecturers won’t resume lectures immediately even despite
the long lasted strike which lasted for about three months. Well, am happy we
have resumed but not happy lectures will be starting soon, you know the stress
of coming to class so early, its killing. The best friends were really enjoying
their chat so dearly until Andre decided to use the toilet.
Let get out
of this hall, nothing is happening here, let’s just walk round the school
premises, its being a while we talked on the way, I really missed your gist and
frank talks, Andrew complimented with a smile on his face towards the Richard.
Yea, it’s being a while Andrew, let move around. The friends were still having
a good walk time out on the environment not until when two good looking girls
passed by with nice postured bodies. The first girl on the right was as light
skinned as the sun flower while the other girl dark in complexion as if yummy
chocolate was carved from her. I think we mustn’t let this go, Andre cut in
immediately. I guess they are fresh students with those awkward looks on their
face, I think we should walk up to them, they seem really easy to catch and
Richard spoke in his soft voice. 
Hello, my
name is Andre and this is my friend Richard. I guess you girls must be tired
with those looks on your face, sorry about that, it’s a matter of time that you
will get past it, Andre said boldly. The conversation went smoothly; everyone
was having a good time. I need to take a passport photograph, the light-skinned
girl said. Oh! That’s great, you look really beautiful and I don’t think you
need that make-up you are still adding to your face. Andre said. She left for
some couple of minutes. Andre had to wait till she comes back. Richard has
moved to were the other girl was, they were having a cool conversation all along.
Yes, thank you guys for keeping us fun, and we appreciate. The light skinned
girl said on her arrival. I think I and my friend must get going by now.
Alright you two have a great day ahead, Richard said. Wait, can I have your
cell phone number Andre said, we can hang out sometime again, it was fun
talking with you. No, don’t bother about it, my number isn’t important to you
now, the light skinned girl said. No, please I insist let me have it. 
The light
skinned girl then said okay, this is it and typed it on Andre’s phone. I hope
this number is real, do not play me, Andre said and walked away from their
presence, we will see again, He concluded.
Andrew, you
mustn’t trust this girl, she is not the girl for you. Richard said as though he
was not involved anymore. Behold, Andrew called the number she gave him and
indeed an old man’s voice was all he heard. He screamed from within. We will see
again. Andre rapt it up.
written by Ajayi Olubiyi


I want to feel loved back; I want to forget all bad
relationships I was in one way or the other. Now it’s time for me to pull
through those lust moments in my life and forge ahead into the hurly-burly of
life. I knew and still remembered those hugs I received those times when I
thought love was everywhere in sight of anyone. Just as I know moving forward
is a bit difficult, I have vowed to continue to reach up despite what maybe.

Now is no more ugly hook ups and date, those were in the past
and I don’t belong there anymore. I swore not to forget the fact that you promised
never to leave me for any person, I still remembered when you told me right
into my eyes, am not dump, I still can think. Though you feel you have won, it’s
not finished yet until it is; I still keep a little space in my mind for you
that dreaded hate I will never overlook. You thought I won’t be able to pick up
my left over; I am not as easier than you thought.
But thank you for the gift you presented to me on my
birthday, at least it’s something I can get by myself, you told me it was the
first you ever bought for a close one like me, I appreciate those lies you
beckoned into my ears. Humans are rarely stupid when it comes to love, though I
have learnt from my foolishness, I will never get trapped twice no matter the
different approaches you use.

What can I still continue to say, what do you think is going
on right now in my mind, what do you think you made out from me, for your
information, the battle is not lost yet, it’s just the beginning. After writing
this to you, my next step is to gather a search party to find you, I always
told you I may know nothing but I am everything you thought I could be. I will
make sure I hunt you down until I get your knickers off your waist.

This is my real me, it may sound absurd to you, I never
disliked you all my life until you made me understand so long that my
kneel  began to hurt. I will make sure I
destroy you, and make sure you don’t destroy anyone you try to get to.

In life, never deceive people just because you want to get
something from them. As read, the guy swayed the lady and left her in pain, now
she has made up her mind to track him down and destroy is life too. Ask
yourself this question, what is finally going to happen when they meet?. Be of
good motives when entering a relationship, life is too short to make people
This applies to everyone, both the gentlemen and ladies out

written by Ajayi Olubiyi


The richest man in the world lives in Happy Valley. He is
rich in values that endure; in things he cannot lose-things that provide him
with contentment, sound health, peace of mind and harmony within his soul. Here
is an inventory of his riches and how he acquired them:
‘I found happiness by helping others find it.
‘I found sound health by living temperately and eating only
the food my body requires to maintain itself.
‘I hate no man, no envy, but love and respect all mankind.
‘I am engaged in a labor of love with which I mix play
generously, therefore, I seldom grow tired.

‘I pray daily, not for more riches, but for more wisdom with
which to recognize, embrace and enjoy the great abundance of riches I already

‘I speak no name save only to honor it, and I slander no man
for any cause whatsoever.
‘I ask no favors of anyone except the privilege of sharing my
blessings with all who desire them.
‘I am on good terms with my conscience; therefore, it guides
me accurately in everything I do.
‘I have more material wealth than I need because I am free
from greed and covet only those things I can use constructively while I live.
My wealth comes from those whom I have benefited by sharing my blessings.
The estate of Happy Valley which I own is not taxable. It
exists mainly in my own mind, in intangible riches that cannot be assessed for
taxation or appropriated except by those who adopt my way of life. I created
this estate over a lifetime of effort by observing nature’s law and forming
habits to conform with them. There are no copyrights on the Happy Valley man’s
success creed. If you will adopt it, the creed can bring you wisdom, peace and

Written by
Napoleon Hill


When someone comes and tells you,
I can’t sleep without you, I love you the way you are and I can put up with
your good and bad attitude. Before you commit your heart please GIVE IT TIME.

When you just met someone today
and feel like marrying him/her tomorrow, before you do remember you needed to
When you visit your uncle and you
will stay there for 2months Holidays, don’t be carried away that they serve you
your preferred food and give you hot water to bath during your first two days
and you start making arrangement to relocate to their house, First GIVE IT
When a brother visits you and
wakes you up by his shouting of prayer from 12am to 6am, please don’t shut him
down, first GIVE IT TIME.
When a bro joins your fellowship
in First year and he is in every group/wing, please don’t rush and make him a
leader rather GIVES IT TIME.
When you enter a new environment
and everybody worship you and eat your mess don’t be carried away just GIVE IT
When someone comes with a new
business with unbelievable Promises, please before you involve your money,
When you see a new church in town
and you hear their waves, before you conclude about how hot they are first GIVE
Finally when you are in a cross
road of decisions, you don’t know what to do, ask the people or person involved
to please GIVE YOU TIME.
The wise priest in the Bible in
Acts told them to leave Peter and John, Rather,GIVE IT TIME.
You can be good in giving people
tests and trying out who they are, some people know how to pass them all but
the test of time they fail.
Don’t say that Power supply in
your area is now the best until you have GIVEN IT TIME.
Your Uncle or Father told you that
you are useless and worthless and can’t amount to anything, just laugh it away
and ask them to GIVE YOU TIME.
Quote me, “Consistency with time
is the true test of Efficiency”
Time tests Love and proves it.
Time tests businesses and authenticates it.
Time tests spirituality and reveals it.
Time is a tester
Time is a REVEALER
Thanks for given this long post

Written by Obaloluwa David


If I date you, will you re-date another me

Or if I propose to you, will you dispose my plight
If I promise never to leave you, will you do the same?
Or take you round the world with me, will you concentrate
If I send you a love text, will you read, smile and reply
Or I call you in the middle of the night, will you comply
For I will never complain about you, will you do likewise?
What if I post you on my social media, would you think twice?
Or produce a song to you, would it be nice
If I decide to use your username on my timeline, will you decline?
Or I come out with the best result, will you be glad
If I mention your name up stage, will you be right there
Or if I tell my friends about you, will you come over?
Or I discuss about you to my pals, will you not be pleased
If I sit right next to you in a cinema, would you allow me
hang my hands over you
Or I put up a funny joke about myself, would you be of the
same mind
If I come online because of you, will you say hello
Or tell you that am ill, will you say goodbye
What if I told you, you are all I have left, will you come
Or that this life worth’s nothing without you, will you be quiet
If I told you, you are my first love, will you be my last
Or just tell me everything is going to be alright.

written by Ajayi Olubiyi


But for a good fighter, who could save the world. For without
those fervent and zealous ones, who would have shed some light on the things we
didn’t know. No matter how far one can get in life, without that fighting spirit
in you, you still cannot go far. If you weren’t born a fighter, surround
yourself with people who does or that one person who is. In fact no one was
born a fighter, it’s a process one learn in the course of life. No wonder,
those who have made most of the discoveries are fighters who didn’t relent on
their own capacity but went ahead and even lot more. For we are what we
repeatedly do, success therefore is not an act but a habit. No wonder we see
those successful ones succeed over and over again, because it has become a habit,
an erasable one which has to just stick with them.

It’s time we all step up our game, for this fighting spirit
opens its arm freely for anyone who wishes to embrace it. Do not take
mediocrity for an answer; never take something that is not palatable as an
answer. Forget it, if you don’t adapt to this livelihood, you might end up
under those who took it as their way of life. We should all get this straight,
no one is really as excellent as you think, and it’s only a difference in
mentality. Everyone was born in this world, for the fools couldn’t fight the deluge
of world’s depression, the wise ones fall back on track right side up. For
having this fight back spirit and success oriented spirit has a long way to go
in our inner mind.
They say the rich are getting richer while the poor poorer,
you don’t have anyone to blame, the wise ones count it as an opportunity when
challenges come, In all means they want to come out on top, while the fools
merely relax saying to themselves am not in control of this.
Look for that someone, that person who will wake you up in
the middle of the night to make you accomplish what you desire; for these
people are out there and there is no way you can be around this people that
your vision does not get clearer and stronger. Influence not recognition should
be the aim. If solely you have no one who can charge you to this, you could
stir up this spirit within you too, for someone else needs you to get back up.
written by Ajayi Olubiyi 


love Engineering, i love impact, and because you are fighting for a good grade point
[GP] does not mean you should just put things in your brain for the main time, for you still needs it after that time.
Now, am going to give examples to illustrate my points 

  • Sergie Brin
    and Larry Page
    : – The discoverers of Computer/Google respectively. The former an Engineer while the later a Scientist. They didn’t pursue money, they read to know. Google was a PhD project
    but because they were after the excellence it made money for them, now they are
  •  Gugleimo Marconi:
    – An electrical engineer pioneer. He invented the long distance communication that
    we refer to as the radio communication use in phone etc. He loved Engineering
    and He was selling his radio. He had a company and became a millionaire.

people will say it’s all about book, but it’s not really about it. First class
degree is not everything. I will just say, you all should do what you love
doing, don’t read to pass only; read for yourself and read to know more. If you
do what you love, you will succeed in it. Don’t pursue the certificate, else you will
end up having nothing. A saying goes thus “Chase the knowledge, and wealth
will chase you”. As for me I will say Academic Excellence doesn’t end by
graduating with first-class honors. We just need to have faith that our future
will be bright.
written by Ngoo Ben {Bernoulli}


Yes, it’s being a while since this
long thing happened to me
Never felt so good within me until
your appearance showed forth
A morning rose, of which can’t be
hidden from anyone
Mere looking at you, you seemed to
have it all
Can’t help get you out of my brain any
Feeling fulfilled within me, only me
knows what am feeling
I just hope our knowing each other
isn’t a mere waste of time
It can never be, you proved to be
different after close flow
Your sweet voice on air eroded me,
like a silent whistle
You dare mean a lot to me, I bet, you
can’t just believe it
I just hope you don’t see me like the
other guy at the corner
It takes time to clear away ones past,
we sure did had one
For neither of us is perfect, thereby
we find a way to any of our problems
Blissful moments of ours, I toast with
my heart wide opened
We both can become that better person
for ourselves, it’s possible
 I do not know how you feel right now, be
convicted not to be confused neither
Just as i have got a blank space right
now, it’s definitely for you
For i have no other one to run to who
would love me like you do.
written by Ajayi Olubiyi


of the situation you are in at the moment; forget the sorrows and painful
things you have gone through. Do not remember the things of the past anymore
but never forget the details. Remember you are a success story; remember you
are definitely going to come out successful.
that virtue called patience, for the race is not for the strong and mighty but
unto God that shows mercy. Forget not all that has happened in your life, they
are stepping stones to your breakthrough. I observe a lot of things and character
in general and found that people no longer have patience any longer; they all
want to do things quickly forgetting God’s will.
Though I
know you have been hit by the different storms of life but that is not enough
reason to go astray and be decisive on bad choices. Remember that faith comes
by hearing and hearing comes from the word of God. Instead of making wrong
choices in life, why can’t you just exercise more patience and key to God word?
This life isn’t hard, it isn’t a funfair either, just have it at the back of
your mind that problems and circumstances doesn’t last forever, you are definitely
going to pull through if you keep patience as your watchword. God has a time
for everything in this life.
Quit to
follow the crowd, the road to failure is trying to please everybody because it’s
so wide whereas the road to success is narrow. Pinpoint your opinion now and do
what is right. Remember those that didn’t act on God’s word, they are nowhere
today, they have fallen apart. Never be moved by the world. We are born to
change it to a better place. Your parents never regretted having patience; they
continued on the quest until you were born into this world, they never rested
until they made you what you are today. Remember their words, Remember God’s
Proverb says
wisdom is even more profitable when you have money, seek wisdom together with patience;
you are never going to lose out. Look back at your past to charge your dream
goals, observe your present, focus more on your future, you are never going to
reach out to someone if you think patience is needless in times like this.
Patience; Think Wisdom; Control Life
written by Ajayi Olubiyi