Saturday, August 17, 2019
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REKINDLE:-The drive to Change

Wait a moment;
Have u ever thought about the word CHANGE,
Have you ever thought about moving forward?
Have you ever thought about giving up on those fake friends
to face your future?
Have you ever sat down to reason about what the future holds
for you?
Have you ever thought of settling down on your own someday
without your parent financing you?
Have you ever dreamt of that redemptive change?
Have you given up to fate or you still want to rise to your
feet and fight again?
Have you influenced your attitude with the willingness to
Have you ever thought straight and plain even for a second?
Have you ever stopped lying to yourself?
Have you ever thought of the moment when all eyes will ask
you about your achievements?
Have you ever stopped thinking about those flashy guys and
girls around you?
Have you decided to seize your Future now?
Failure to plan is planning to fail
You have to lift your head up and face reality.
You all tend to have no one except a few who would love you
wholeheartedly until you have made it
Put away relationship that’s failing.
Begin to think positive and think life
A time will come when you will be asked to answer to your
call about what you did with your life
Do not look down on anybody because somebody’s casting down
is another person’s rising up
Let’s continue to work hard until expensive becomes cheap
Let’s continue to work hard until we longer have to
introduce ourselves
Let’s continue to work hard until we have all that we desire,
even though it’s unable to satisfy all wants.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        written by Ajayi Olubiyi                        


I do not
have much to say right now, but am here to tell you what I will always say.
When are you going to showcase your uniqueness? When will you let the world
know the true you? You can’t continue this way, you just have to spot this
thing within you, stir yourself up and choose the path you were destined to
If you will
need to cry out for help from the giver of this purpose, you had better start
now. For how long do you wish to stay mute? For how long will you allow
yourself feel insignificant? But you see great and successful people around?
You hear about them and wonder why the world recognizes them. You can also be
among them, you can make that list also, just believe you can. Search within
your heart now, you have that something deposited in you. For the gift of a man
makes a way for him,and you possess it.

A life isn’t
significant except for its impact on other lives. A purposeless life is a
living death. For purpose brings passion. And then, what are you passionate
about? What is that something that triggers you to become your best. Search for
it and when you do, never let it go, Build on it.
written by Ajayi Olubiyi