Friday, September 18, 2020
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For we come into this world with emptiness, with sacred
To judge not the world but to add fragrance to it
To stand up high above all eyes, to achieve all what our
heart demands
For we look at the physical things but the inwards controls
If it was always made compulsory to make a wish
Nevertheless, to speak all what we all entirely desire
It would be to it that we start from the beginning
Or to see to it to never speak sin anymore wherever
Or if at all we being caught in the right act when death
For we never know what would happen tomorrow or the next
For we all pray to end well, like the suns dawn after noon
Truly knowing that we all go back empty handed, holding not a
And younger generations see to it to continue on this path
And the path afterwards even beyond our own realm.

written by Ajayi Olubiyi


Been called names of calamities
Existing with all nature’s
Freedom! A waterloo of tears
Where i drown with fears
My very self is dying
Hearty but dissolved to pieces
Physically challenged! My crime
Won’t be able to express even with
Sorry i bring tears to folks
My past clash with life itself is
Black day the day i became
No longer than this i wish to
Some believe I exist as a surprise
To bring back God’s super rise
But am been treated like gold in
the mud
Beaten everyday by words made from
a rod
written by Tokede Daniel


You can’t measure the success of a person by how many
gadgets, automobiles, factories he owns. A successful man isn’t successful if
he has not added anything to someone
else life. A successful man is a man who prays for the upliftment of his
co-workers and not a man who has everything to himself.
Success is not something you can just open your mouth and say
without working towards. For someone to be a success in life, it’s about
determination, diligence and discipline. Success comes from the mind and not
from the mouth.
As humans, we should be challenged, we should not just sit
down and fold our arms; we should not just be praying and sleeping at home for
divine help to come. For someone to achieve what he/she wants, it starts with
God first and then the other things follow.
God gave us everything in two(s) which are legs, ears, eyes,
hands, kidneys which are the most delicate. Definitely, he is telling us to work because it is written in
the scriptures that a man who does not work is not worthy to eat and also
stated by Author Napoleon Hill that “Anything worth having is worth working for”.
For fear can delay our success; but it takes the power of God to overcome it.
written by Ajayi Olubiyi


like pieces of shoal
Welcomed into the arena ‘school’
Where all things are up, side and down
and fro from various locations
Preparing for livestock attentions
With a heart of peaceful coalitions
together with the chicks
Extending warmth from coals
Peace to the sleepless nights
mighty pat on our companions
Whose idea of relationship is sucking
Sucking till we start applauding
the ever interesting monopoly
To the awesome racks and tiles
Round about the beautiful card game
To the ever faithful
Greetings to the always there
Salutations to the forever late
to our able vocab master
Blaring high notes of diction
Making all laugh out their wits
regards to MR. DISCIPLINE
Forever stoic in expressing instructions
Dynamic in conclusions with a grimace
always about the farm coat
Late or not doesn’t matter
Either you leave or you put on it
the butterflies in our stomachs
That arises from the statement “I’ve called the mancot”
And our inability to remain organized
everyday visits to small ruminants
Or rather the cute pseudo-ruminants
To the ever nose killing wailing pigs
now comes with a new look
Pale but smooth with frowns
Especially to group six members
scent of grasses
Little big digging it up
The PANICUM maximum of purpose
written by Tokede Daniel 



If only we were quiet
and always plain, we would never have had to put away good friendships.
If only we would
have just listened more than we talked, we would have saw souls rather than
just bodies.
If only we hadn’t
judged so soon and wait for some moments, we wouldn’t be in such a mess we are
in now.

Living a life of
Prestige is totally living with good people. How we all wish we could read up
one another mind and see so much dreams, ideas, motives each and every one of
us has to execute in life. Each person in life has a role to play, that’s why
we need friends to help us achieve them.

We need to make
things happen. Only true friends would really cherish you and carry a part of
your burden in order to ease you. No one man can ever make a team. Let’s take
up to the challenge. Let’s not always turn down friendship, only a little
patience will suffice.

We do not only
use the brain we have got but also the ones we get from friends. Let’s value
this relationship called FRIENDSHIP. Let’s love one another with that brotherhood
love. Being there for someone when that person needs someone has a long way to
go in the life of that person. Though you may be playmate but obviously not
grace mate but that doesn’t mean total condemnation towards that person. We all
need one another either now or later in the future.

Marry your best friend;
this is because friendship is not only precious in the shade but also in the
sunshine of life. Let’s lend helping hands to one another. Nobody knows what
tomorrow holds but we all pray to meet it at its very best.

There is also a
way of succeeding in life, that’s by surrounding yourself around successors,
people who has like visions as you.
Let’s share the
pain. Let’s rejoice and merry together. There is no good thing in just being
only you.
It’s the second half of the year
and definitely there are going to be make-ups and break-ups but we should
always remember to make-up good friendships and break-up negative minded
people. We have the power to associate freely, let’s meet up to the very best
and enjoy the opportunity life gives us all.

Time would come
so as chance. We will one day be grateful to God for the friends we have now.
For the ones who endured with us even till this moment.

Words can’t just
express how true friends in love exist.

written by Ajayi Olubiyi           


After all it all came to an end, the relationship was cut
short no time sooner, for if we could only just have applied more patience and put
more trust, we wouldn’t have allowed the relationship perish. We still remember
vividly the kisses and hugs we enjoyed from one other; it was like our
relationship knew no end. 
That something saw our dazzling love and couldn’t help but
destroy it and we gave way to that thing. I guessed we didn’t hold tight our
love enough until we had to go our separate ways. We still remember about not
compromising, about not falling aside, we were really in love then, but we
couldn’t comprehend that thing until it came for our relationship.
We could not continue with the love and we had to put off the
rekindled love which was burning incessantly. We wished to lean on each other
every day but it’s all gone now, and we can’t wait to find ourselves in any
romantic relationship again.
We left the
relationship to destiny to take its place because the wonderful friendship we
planned has already failed. We knew the heart of the devil was to squander
the relationship and that we weren’t going to continue afterwards, we saw this
already ahead but to us, it was getting late, time was fast spent. Indeed we
couldn’t make it, but we bet that when we get to the place where we see to part no one, it
deemed us fit that we are going to work things out again.
Those single touches, those romantic feelings, those leaning
on each other, they are all gone now; we guess that next life we would have
acquired more knowledge to help us defeat the devil. We will soon find that
someone who we will lean on and tell our past relationship. No!!! We wouldn’t
tell anyone, it’s a secret between the two of us because our heart still long
for one another.
We guess someday we will both lean against each other side to
side and kiss deeply again and probably after that, we ride on our various journeys
in life and go our separate ways. 
Oh!!! What an irony.

written by Ajayi Olubiyi


How long do we strive or desire to achieve what we want. For
there are lot of ups and down, but all belongs to God, indeed we live in a
place called Life, what else do we desire other than the grace we have
received. For we are not so righteous as the missionary believers do call it, we are not so
used to those doctrines, but still grace showed its way into our life. 
What more could we say, what more could be uttered from
within us if not for the praise and thanksgiving to be rendered to God, indeed there
is a being who never leaves nor forsake us. For this being is filled with open
arms. Even if we can’t do more than this right now, we still know all belongs
to him, all glory and praise be unto him.
For until we are hit by storms, we wouldn’t even care to see
the light, for those whose spirit mind is high just as mine now, we are really
feeling the same way, so over-filled that we hope our sense makes more than
nonsense, we do not even care anymore.
We are still the normal we, the dreamful personalities, life
exams tried pulling us back but life didn’t know we oversaw past that, for
success is our doing and our culture.

written by Ajayi Olubiyi


Looking up
the sky, everything seems bright
One through
one, everything has always been alright
Looking up
the cloud and I saw those bright shining stars
And even
looking above that, everything really deemed fit right
I come to
say I want more, I really need more
in life is vanity, all is worth none
I just have
to take this gradually from henceforth
I learn to
discipline myself among all
Finally, we actually
got to the Top
I think this
life is worth more pardon and love
I have
actually come to terms with myself
We have got
not to ignore anything else
Our life’s
has been through thoughts and all of that
But yet we
still always get more and more
Even with
great crises, we still end up at the top
Now, times
without number, it’s our normal tradition
All we have
to say is that we thank God, our Author and Finisher
We still
want to experience Him more and more forever and ever
To time
indefinite, even through all life’s Arena.
written by Ajayi Olubiyi


Their ways filled with ups and downs
Chasing or being chased
Feeding a bigger plight than learning
A cankerworm of desperate yawning
Several terms accompany needs
Not at fault but in a vault
Others enjoy secret companions
Some a banging intimacy
While most patronize the night market
Males live to be pale
Females live to become hale
A fun-filled experience
Together forever with joy
Memories compiled by a place
The so-called common room
A place of both moralities and abnormalities
Sometimes sweet in their midst
A habitat with all sort of relationship.

written by Tokede Daniel


The thoughts and view about the future should be a thought
that must be thought carefully. The future starts from now. The future is a
state of mind created inside of someone on how it should be in the soon coming
years. The future comes to those who see it and believe it.

The future most times
doesn’t come to the so-many dreamers but the doers of it. When the future is
being created in the mind, the best thing is not to sit down and relax but to
begin to act immediately putting things together; because when you move towards
the future and the future is approaching you; it will be better you meet at a
good stance.
Never allow your future escape from your mind. I discovered
the future should be reviewed once or twice a week; six to ten times a month
and eighty to one hundred and twenty times a year. When the future is not
regularly checked upon, it begins to become obscure making it far away from our
mind, thereby making us uncertain about life.
The future is an opportunity and an asset which must be
checked and kept from time to time utilizing it so as not to begin to diminish.
We should begin to quit the state of doubt and begin to face the future. Only
those who are wise enough to review consistently maintain that pace between the
things going on around them and the things going on inside their mind; because
procrastination pushes the days of future farther away.
We should always be ready to keep moving on with life and
with our mind, some move with life not carrying their mind along, hence, they
fall apart. We should learn to live and move with the mind more than with life
because life isn’t stagnant; so filled with ups and down unlike the mind which
should be always focused.
 Thereby, keeping in
touch with the mind makes you move faster past life launching you to the realm
of your ever-longed empire of destiny pursuit. We pray God give us the heart to
always remember to work with the mind more frequently and always than with life.
Walking the path of life? Walk with your mind more.
written by Ajayi Olubiyi