Saturday, October 24, 2020
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Yes, it’s being a while since this
long thing happened to me
Never felt so good within me until
your appearance showed forth
A morning rose, of which can’t be
hidden from anyone
Mere looking at you, you seemed to
have it all
Can’t help get you out of my brain any
Feeling fulfilled within me, only me
knows what am feeling
I just hope our knowing each other
isn’t a mere waste of time
It can never be, you proved to be
different after close flow
Your sweet voice on air eroded me,
like a silent whistle
You dare mean a lot to me, I bet, you
can’t just believe it
I just hope you don’t see me like the
other guy at the corner
It takes time to clear away ones past,
we sure did had one
For neither of us is perfect, thereby
we find a way to any of our problems
Blissful moments of ours, I toast with
my heart wide opened
We both can become that better person
for ourselves, it’s possible
 I do not know how you feel right now, be
convicted not to be confused neither
Just as i have got a blank space right
now, it’s definitely for you
For i have no other one to run to who
would love me like you do.
written by Ajayi Olubiyi


of the situation you are in at the moment; forget the sorrows and painful
things you have gone through. Do not remember the things of the past anymore
but never forget the details. Remember you are a success story; remember you
are definitely going to come out successful.
that virtue called patience, for the race is not for the strong and mighty but
unto God that shows mercy. Forget not all that has happened in your life, they
are stepping stones to your breakthrough. I observe a lot of things and character
in general and found that people no longer have patience any longer; they all
want to do things quickly forgetting God’s will.
Though I
know you have been hit by the different storms of life but that is not enough
reason to go astray and be decisive on bad choices. Remember that faith comes
by hearing and hearing comes from the word of God. Instead of making wrong
choices in life, why can’t you just exercise more patience and key to God word?
This life isn’t hard, it isn’t a funfair either, just have it at the back of
your mind that problems and circumstances doesn’t last forever, you are definitely
going to pull through if you keep patience as your watchword. God has a time
for everything in this life.
Quit to
follow the crowd, the road to failure is trying to please everybody because it’s
so wide whereas the road to success is narrow. Pinpoint your opinion now and do
what is right. Remember those that didn’t act on God’s word, they are nowhere
today, they have fallen apart. Never be moved by the world. We are born to
change it to a better place. Your parents never regretted having patience; they
continued on the quest until you were born into this world, they never rested
until they made you what you are today. Remember their words, Remember God’s
Proverb says
wisdom is even more profitable when you have money, seek wisdom together with patience;
you are never going to lose out. Look back at your past to charge your dream
goals, observe your present, focus more on your future, you are never going to
reach out to someone if you think patience is needless in times like this.
Patience; Think Wisdom; Control Life
written by Ajayi Olubiyi


life makes us think we do not know how to love. Often times, our heart long for
someone only for us to find out later that it wasn’t meant to be. For when two
hearts beat and the both of them are in love, it’s as though they were new to
the word Relationship and still novice in love.
We get carried
away too quickly in love to find out later that we hurt one-another, maybe we
should just conclude that love is blind or loving is blind. For when two
opposite sex genders open up their mind to what their heart is saying, before
they knew it, the relationship is already on the verge of crashing out because
the female gender thinks that it is up to the male gender to run the
relationship since they are the dominating being. Instead of them to think of a
way out of those difficulties, selfishness and ego sets in between the two
genders both pretending one actually loves the other more and the other feature
saying likewise. In view, this has caused more relationship collapse than any
other means.
When they
both see that rekindle love burning through their eyes and they can’t help
establish it on the outside is really a tragic scenario. They both keep mute as
if everything is alright whereas it’s not. For the more you stay in a
relationship, the more your head feels as if it’s unnecessary and you should
let go. We have got one difficulty to face in life and that is “not putting up
our head to agree with our heart about the ones we love”. The head and heart
should always be in mutual agreement with one another because if they are not, you
only end up hurting one of the two and that is definitely the heart. The heart
cries so much whenever we don’t stand up to that person we love and tell them to
their face, our head does not really care about emotions, its mere logical.
For as long
as we do live in this world, in one way or the other, we have lost a very close
lover that was really special and important to us. Do have it at the back of
your mind now that it’s never your fault, your heart did want to make up but
your head is just too slow to catch the glimpse of what you thinking.
written by Ajayi Olubiyi


You know,
life is not all about the people who started before you; it’s not what you
think in your head that life results in. We learn about life in different levels
and state clearly that fulfilling purpose doesn’t need one to be in haste. To
we all in this world, there are particular time and season that is dedicated to
everyone under the sun. It’s not all about those who started while you hope to
begin, what we are talking about is those who finished well. You can be so
dazzled in the mystery of life that someone who has been downcasted all year
long could be the rising star in split seconds.

We could
remember vividly people who finished their first degree and still haven’t
secured a good job yet and has to learn a trade, but life still changed tide
for them. To achieve something great in life, it’s all about Gods timing, no
one can take that season away from you. Now you see such people in white collar
jobs earning more than those they met in the business line. It’s not about
dwelling somewhere; it’s about how much impact you added to yourself when
leaving that environment; for the real life begins after the choices we make.
Life could be so frustrating and interesting for two different parties all at
the same time. 
It’s a wrong
say that life is cruel, there is a season for everything. Life is full of ups
and fluffs. All you need to do is take advantage when life puts you up, go
higher and higher and if life then wants to pull you down it won’t go past that
height it brought you initially. Take a chance; that is what life is all about.
Don’t just sit doing nothing. Good things happen to those who work for it and
left-over for those who wait.
No matter
your current situation, you can make the most out of it. Sorrow only last for a
while; a night maybe, but joy cometh in the morning all through rough days.
Keep to God’s work, start something until you see yourself being launched to
the top. 
written by Ajayi Olubiyi


Not until the moment she wrote about me in that paper that I
knew the end from the beginning

Most things she said about me were quite true, I still marvel
even while writing this
How can someone be so sweet in nature, am still pondering?
Although to me, I think she can be among the few who can
conquer the world
For she is so quiet, so cool, so brave, so mild, everything
one can think of
Often times, her smile makes me feel like a man without
No wonder you see her smile with such profoundness of love
Oh!!! Such a kind of her is very difficult, not easy to find
There are sometimes in life you just love someone for who they
Not because they really care about you, but because it is
Even when oceans rise, snow falls, you will still see them
stand by you
It’s true we should never try to wrong the right person
Because we never know when the tide will fall on us
And then we would need someone so close to stand by us all
Only to find out that we might never see such persons never
And of course she remembers that dark night we were both
When the wind was blowing so cold and our hair were rising
And it was time for me to go home, not until her mind cut
into something
And she deep sighted within herself; maybe she was confused
to some degree
For she paused a moment and asked me if I had this
likeliness for her
And I was dumbfounded for a while as if I was being
hypnotized, maybe she just couldn’t recognize
Yes; yes; yes, I do have this likeliness for you
I asked her the same question too, and she gave me the same
reply in a low tone
For a while I felt empty; I departed her presence as if we
were never going to see again
For she is a man in woman’s clothing; so brave and bold
In my entire life no one has asked me such a question; not
For I should have asked her first before she did, I wasn’t
really ready unlike hers
And for the first time in a never time, I dreamt of her till
But I tell you now within me, don’t think about this the
other way round
Remember you told me no feelings attached, and I do stand by
it too
The best we can ever be is to be the best friend we can ever
And make use of the opportunity we have now, even though
life could change
For you and I must never have love feelings for the wrong
This is just my solemn words to you this morning.
And for those of you that are reading this, please and
please never ask the wrong person out
Its better you keep them very close to your eyes and mind
than to your heart
Because keeping such people close to your heart might be
dangerous since life isn’t constant
And you might end up breaking up the relationship making you
lose a friend well kept
But keeping them around you really means a lot, it’s like
you found something you never lose.
written by Ajayi Olubiyi

REKINDLE:-The drive to Change

Wait a moment;
Have u ever thought about the word CHANGE,
Have you ever thought about moving forward?
Have you ever thought about giving up on those fake friends
to face your future?
Have you ever sat down to reason about what the future holds
for you?
Have you ever thought of settling down on your own someday
without your parent financing you?
Have you ever dreamt of that redemptive change?
Have you given up to fate or you still want to rise to your
feet and fight again?
Have you influenced your attitude with the willingness to
Have you ever thought straight and plain even for a second?
Have you ever stopped lying to yourself?
Have you ever thought of the moment when all eyes will ask
you about your achievements?
Have you ever stopped thinking about those flashy guys and
girls around you?
Have you decided to seize your Future now?
Failure to plan is planning to fail
You have to lift your head up and face reality.
You all tend to have no one except a few who would love you
wholeheartedly until you have made it
Put away relationship that’s failing.
Begin to think positive and think life
A time will come when you will be asked to answer to your
call about what you did with your life
Do not look down on anybody because somebody’s casting down
is another person’s rising up
Let’s continue to work hard until expensive becomes cheap
Let’s continue to work hard until we longer have to
introduce ourselves
Let’s continue to work hard until we have all that we desire,
even though it’s unable to satisfy all wants.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        written by Ajayi Olubiyi                        


I do not
have much to say right now, but am here to tell you what I will always say.
When are you going to showcase your uniqueness? When will you let the world
know the true you? You can’t continue this way, you just have to spot this
thing within you, stir yourself up and choose the path you were destined to
If you will
need to cry out for help from the giver of this purpose, you had better start
now. For how long do you wish to stay mute? For how long will you allow
yourself feel insignificant? But you see great and successful people around?
You hear about them and wonder why the world recognizes them. You can also be
among them, you can make that list also, just believe you can. Search within
your heart now, you have that something deposited in you. For the gift of a man
makes a way for him,and you possess it.

A life isn’t
significant except for its impact on other lives. A purposeless life is a
living death. For purpose brings passion. And then, what are you passionate
about? What is that something that triggers you to become your best. Search for
it and when you do, never let it go, Build on it.
written by Ajayi Olubiyi