S. O. F


The cup of frivolity has been
served to many,
Absorbing the fats and lipids of
decayed meals.
Stranded in the mist of shackles;
and then giving a giggle.
To the predecessors, I cry; save
our future.
Our RBCs have been invaded with
moral pleomorphic
Endangering our gentle soul,
planting in our heart a hole.
We try even to culture, but all
efforts were just like a torture.
Dear lecturers, why not; save our
The king of earthen kingdom,
In person of Sir Lucifer, has
injected us subcutaneously,
With immoralities; that serves us
rod always before the lord.
Dear Pastors, why not secure our
Easter now wears the look of Funaabsu
Featured with boos and boobs
floating in the air
And huge chains, leasing the rooms
on the neck and hands
Dear Teachers, why not stop our
Vanities; has become the pursuit
of the saints,
Glorifying the gentle, meek and
easy going catalyst,
Increasing the rate; of their
adulteration and fornication.
Dear Deacons, why not stitch our faults.
Our growth has been obstructed by
bloat around our flank,
That can’t be relieved; by the
co-effort of trocar and cannula.
A die the Diem, we battle with
this suffocative pain,
Evangelists; why not Suppress our
We have been exposed; to spiritually
parasitic helminthes,
That can’t even be evaded by the
armies of IGE,
Placing us in a malignant
condition called biblical hemorrhage,
Dear Prophets, why not sanctify
our food
Christian family today is
celebrating numbers of the congregation,
Sermons; now wear the look of
workshops and seminars.
Giving people even over dosage of
JESUS! Please come; and Save our

Written by Abolaji Abraham
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