Sango, arabanbi oko’ya
The husband of the beautiful oya known for her wetness,

Mysterious how fire itself came to love water,
The captivity it gave Sango was such forbidden as how fire could rest in the bosom of water.

Sango, olukoso, ina loju ina lenu (Sango, the lord which didn’t commit suicide, fire fuming from the eyes and mouth).

Eni Sango ba toju e wole, ko je ba won bo’ba koso (The one who witnessed the disappearance of Sango into the ground would never tell the tales of a king committing suicide).

Arabambi, oko oya (The thunder bearer, husband to oya)
Could this be the reason why he loved the beauty of oya’s raining personality?

Oya, the splendor in beauty, the rain which causes rainbow, the river which never crosses with her senior Oba.

Little wonder, did the thunder god beaming with fire loves the river goddess.

Thunder and rain work together but how can the personality of fire be so cool with water?

Could this be a raging love finding its peace with a calming love?

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Written by Adegun Wuraola



April 5, 2020


April 5, 2020