Have you ever been caught up in something that you knew you
couldn’t turn back against? For when you start something small and begin to put
things together to make it big, you get to a point where you can’t stop the
vibe. Then, you feel so intense in the dream; your vision has taken you to
another supernatural level that you know less about.
 For with passion, one can
accomplish anything. Everything one needs is to start, then continue the
process until that person has no control to with-hold from working. For in
life, hardly does one know that there are other forces which help someone
attain a level other than the disposition of that person.

Therefore, take charge to stay charge, put all your effort
and passion into what you love doing best and you get to the level that with or
without your strength, your dreams are still getting accomplished and fulfilled.
For what stops a person is the willingness to start. Hence, do everything you
have just to see yourself begin. Not until you create something, you are just
You need a legacy, a resource, something that people will remember.
Consecrate all energy only on that one thing you love doing most and you only
end up being where you ever thought you would be, for success will catch up
with you when it realizes you are headlong.
written by Ajayi Olubiyi
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