It was on a blue bright day, I dreamt of you
Sitting under the big blue moon that day
So filled with thoughts engraving my inner mind
Breeze blowing as that from the deep blue sea
That awkward moment when everything seemed excitingly
Was so lost in thought, even down my memory lane
Eyes opened but could see no one nearer, looking plain as
never before
Solemn music playing, stringed instruments clanging
As though I was the only one meant for myself that day
Resting my back on the wall against a fixed black figure
Legs tapping the floor in rhythm to the music
As though I was in this life alone hearing my own shadow sing
back to me
Whispering frighteningly into the thin air, as though it was
a voice drill
Caught within your presence and my heart pump gasping
Smiling profusely into thin air as though I was being
unveiled by many
Oh, I don’t need to go back to the real life, it pleasures
Oh, what does it profit a man to enjoy pleasure and suffer peril?
Hearing men sing, souls uttering sounds
Looking at them from far but nearer voices seem closer
Bee’s buzzing, insects tickling, hands flapping, all in
Oh my, the sky is so high, lying in between those aisles
Face looking high, down pour rising, scavengers heading for
Birds quick picking as though they were the last of its kind
Doctors rushing, nurses running, hands moving, nose sneezing
Eye’s opening. It’s a
This is dedicated to those souls who were ones in the state
of ‘COMA’ in the hospital or anywhere that still got the second chance to come
back to life again. It’s as if the journey was never going to end but it
actually did the moment you got back to life. We celebrate you.
written by Ajayi Olubiyi
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