The thoughts and view about the future should be a thought
that must be thought carefully. The future starts from now. The future is a
state of mind created inside of someone on how it should be in the soon coming
years. The future comes to those who see it and believe it.

The future most times
doesn’t come to the so-many dreamers but the doers of it. When the future is
being created in the mind, the best thing is not to sit down and relax but to
begin to act immediately putting things together; because when you move towards
the future and the future is approaching you; it will be better you meet at a
good stance.
Never allow your future escape from your mind. I discovered
the future should be reviewed once or twice a week; six to ten times a month
and eighty to one hundred and twenty times a year. When the future is not
regularly checked upon, it begins to become obscure making it far away from our
mind, thereby making us uncertain about life.
The future is an opportunity and an asset which must be
checked and kept from time to time utilizing it so as not to begin to diminish.
We should begin to quit the state of doubt and begin to face the future. Only
those who are wise enough to review consistently maintain that pace between the
things going on around them and the things going on inside their mind; because
procrastination pushes the days of future farther away.
We should always be ready to keep moving on with life and
with our mind, some move with life not carrying their mind along, hence, they
fall apart. We should learn to live and move with the mind more than with life
because life isn’t stagnant; so filled with ups and down unlike the mind which
should be always focused.
 Thereby, keeping in
touch with the mind makes you move faster past life launching you to the realm
of your ever-longed empire of destiny pursuit. We pray God give us the heart to
always remember to work with the mind more frequently and always than with life.
Walking the path of life? Walk with your mind more.
written by Ajayi Olubiyi
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