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You just need them and they also need you
I mean your Friends!
They are an extended part of you.

In fact, you’re stretchy
They are just like you,
Though might differ in characters, emotions, and attitudes.

Once, I had an ally,
our friendship was so deep
Then I requested for a deeper friendship; A Relationship.

My friend declined, saying
“No, we can’t go farther than this”
I had an aching heart but just had to take heart.

Then I found another friend,
Who was Loving, Kind and
Everything to me.

We had the same characters, will, desires and choices.
He paid all my debts
And even laid down His Life for my offenses.

He wanted a Fellowship,
And I gave him,
Cos’ I crave for it.

He is all to me.
Though my First Friend was Human,
And my Latter friend was Divine.

Written by Soole Olufemi


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  1. Great but the friend divine sometimes doesn’t have the same with our will(the flesh’s unwillness to submit to the spirit vice versa) I suggest, since you have said in other lines that we endure with our differences as friends, so, it should be applicable here too. Just my view.

  2. Wow, the poem is a nice one, it portrays the characteristics of a FRIEND that sticks closer than a brother. Kudos to the writer!

  3. Deep!
    What a friend we have in Jesus.
    A great friend indeed…
    Without this great friend,we are nowhere to be found.

  4. It such a good write up, and friendship with Jesus Christ is the greatest treat of friendship we can ever have.
    Keep it up ,Soole oluwafemi

  5. Good thought! Our Divine friend ‘JESUS’ is indeed ‘all in all’. (Everything to us).
    His call for friendship is BARELY ACCEPTED because His will is hard to follow by a mere mortal (one without special abilities/grace). BLESSES ARE THOSE WHO HEAR & ANSWER HIS CALL.(one with special grace).


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