The night fell, just immediately
the heart stopped;
We wept and wept, but nothing
could our tears afford;
The man had long died; medically
they gave us their time;
He is asleep we believe, when the
morning comes he would arise.
The night fell, just after the
day’s work;
We’ve toiled and toiled, but still
our dreams are yet to be achieved;
Some were tired and gave up just
along the road;
But we have hoped that when the
morning comes we would succeed.
The night fell, just after the
We’ve patched and patched; now
there is no love;
Our love had long died, but the
pain is still fresh;
We’ll mend our hearts, when the
morning comes we’ll move on.
The night fell, when the pain was
so much;
I am weak, you are weak, we need
someone to lean on;
This time we believe with no doubt
because He lifted us so high;
Fulfilling His promise that, joy
cometh in the morning.
written by Becky Rebecca
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