Drunk in the openness of evil,
Charismatically staggering with this burden,
Ladened on my camel-like back,
As I move around without no hack,
For my spirit is no longer in use,
Since the night masquerade has requested its misuse.

Left and right are now same,
I’m a John Doe that’s not sane,
Living in equal fear and fate,
For I wish to die but fear to die the same,
Since death is nothing but a sleeping slumber,
Unrest has made it not come near me for I move around in hunger.

Suffering and woes betide me,
Courage and course eschew me,
Friends and foes inspire me,
To lay off my head on the object that fans me;
For now that the rope is given to me so long,
Coping is now far from mercy- whilst sorrow hung.

Lifeless I tread the streets,
With knowledge and skills to feed the streets,
But life is like a fair queen,
Who’s Beautiful on the outside but ugliness are her characterization on the inside,
Now I stare dreamily at all,
I must go or face the horde.

But to go without a cause,
Of my own accord and not by force,
I resist to just ascend,
Without proper flight ticket to book my spot,
Though my soul is thickly offended,
I shall resist this smily evil fiend.

Written by Essiet James


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